Takayuki Hoshuyama

A seasoned professional in the mobile marketing and advertising domain, Hoshuyama San is the founding member and CEO of D2C Inc. (D2C), a joint venture between NTT docomo (docomo) and Dentsu, which was founded in 2000 to build the mobile advertising business in Japan.

He started his career in the sales department of Dentsu, one of the largest advertising agency in the world. He later worked as Dentsu’s account executive for docomo where he was in charge of media buying, international communications and strategic alliances with them. When docomo released the i-mode service in 1999, he was one of the original members of the Mobile Advertising Project. He became one of the founding members of D2C, where he was appointed the Director of Sales and Business Development. In November 2004, he was appointed to be the COO of D2C. In 2005, he was appointed as a board member of the MMSA (Mobile Marketing Solution Association). Most recently, he was appointed by D2C’s board of directors to become its Chief Executive Officer in June 2010. He is the youngest CEO in NTT Group and Dentsu Group.

He has a wide range of experience as speaker for both Japan and overseas such as “SP planner training in Sendenkaigi (2000-2003)”, “Digital Hollywood University (2006 / as a part-time professor)”, “Mobile Marketing Conference 2010 (as a key note speaker)”, “Mobile Advertising Conference in Spain (2001)”, “Mobile Advertising & Marketing Conference in London (2002)”, “Mobile Marketing & Advertising Conference in Singapore (2003)”, “Mobile Future Forward in Seattle (2010)”, “Global Mobile Internet Conference (2011)” and more.