7 ways to make your mobile advertising work

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1. Know your audience: Sounds cliched, but more than any other medium, this holds true for mobile, given its personal nature. As a marketer, this would ensure that your brand message is seen by the right users in the right context. It is imperative to understand what your target audience is doing on mobile, identify contexts in which they would accept advertising and have your communication integrated at such places. Thus it’s very important to value and be ready to pay premium for those advertising opportunities where you can target the user better; as that’s what is finally going to work. The spray and pray approach may come cheap, but will surely alienate more and attract less users for your brand.
2. Get personal: I am fine with seeing a cement ad followed by a high end car ad while watching a cricket match on TV, as I know that the advertiser can’t show me something different from what he can show others. On mobile, given the personal nature of the device, I would expect better. Thus if you need me to engage with your brand, reach me right and address me right. Don’t we all prefer even the spam call centre calls which address us by our name and sell us something seemingly personalised rather than those on which they simply start ranting off? Mobile advertising is no different.
3. Engage, not just inform: Mobile is a communication device, so it’s in your interest to leverage this unique two-way communication capability for your advertising. Thus, if you are doing a mobile campaign without a real call to action or engagement, you may not be most efficiently spending your ad dollars. Better save them and spend them on media which don’t allow for engagement then. At least, that should make you feel less guilty.
4. Have different measurement yardsticks: How often have I heard a brilliant passionate idea being ruined in the end by a question ‘What’s the cost per lead in this?’ We need to get over this over-obsession of one yardstick to measure everything. If your objective is to buy clicks and leads at the cheapest possible cost, then you would better be a lead reseller, not a brand marketer. To an extent, such benchmarks may work for some categories like mobile downloads, but anything beyond that being measured by just this seems rather unfair. As each campaign for an advertiser may have different objectives, it is important to have different performance measurement yardsticks too. It’s like someone telling you that he thinks that the ‘Nano is a much better car than the Mercedes as it gives better mileage’. I may give myself that justification if I have only Rs 2 lakh to spend, but to passionately believe in it disregarding every other feature of the Mercedes sounds rather unfair.
5. Choose right: In all media where advertising models have succeeded, media owners have been able to strike the right balance between advertising and value content. This basic principle works in mobile advertising as well. Thus, it’s always better to choose media where advertising comes blended with content / inherent user value as your audience will accept and respond to your message better. Expecting a user to see a video ad on paid 2G connection before the site loads may sound like a cool media innovation (and may win you an award too) but is a sure shot recipe to alienate potential users.
6. Please, please don’t spam: Don’t think I need to say anything more on this point
7. Choose the right partners: An agency that makes great and impactful 30-sec commercials for you or one who best optimises your banner, buys across Internet sites or the one which gets you the cheapest cost per like is not always the best equipped to understand the nuances of mobile advertising. Thus, if you need to really leverage this medium, talk to those who understand this medium best. This would include specialist mobile agencies. Mobile value-added services companies, mobile technology companies, mobile operators and mobile publishers. Choosing the right partner who can give you value (not to be confused with cost efficiency) is thus key to making mobile advertising work for you. If your partner’s idea for your path-breaking, earth-shattering mobile strategy is ‘Let’s build an app and that is our mobile strategy’, then wish you all the best!!! However, in case your brief to your partner was ‘Let’s do something engaging and different on mobile, as I have a global mandate’, then maybe his recommendation on the basis of such a succinct brief was spot on!