Affle Cricket Maharathi wap campaign receives 3 mn unique votes in 3 weeks

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Mobile media company Affle has said that the company’s Cricket Maharathi wap campaign has generated an engagement of three million votes in three weeks of launch. Affle, in partnership with Maruti Suzuki had launched the wap campaign which allows consumers to rate cricketer performances everyday and win prizes.

Sharing some insights and data about the campaign, Affle said that team India are the hot favourites to win the 2011 World Cup as Cricket Maharathi ratings have six out of the top 10 players from the Indian team. Kolkata has been spot on when it comes to rating players and users from Kolkata have been most accurate in matching their ratings with the average ratings for that player. Among all the users that got bonus points for getting the average rating spot on, a majority were from Kolkata. The participation levels have been equal from both the Tier I and Tier II cities in India.

Discussing the company’s future plans about the campaign, Anuj Kumar, executive director, South Asia, Affle told AlooTechie that the company is going to continue the campaign and take it to a broader base by launching it on SMS. “We want to reach those users who don’t have GPRS facilities on their mobile but are willing to play the rating game. By the end of the world cup, we wish to reach 5 million votes,” Anuj Kumar has said. According to Kumar, the campaign is being promoted by mobile service providers, cricket portals and on other products of Affle.