After success with SMS 2.0 in NCR, Affle plans countrywide extension

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Affle, the UK-headquartered mobile media company, is looking at spreading its presence in India and will be extending its offering of SMS 2.0 countrywide within the next two months. The company, which commercially launched SMS 2.0 in Delhi and NCR in June this year in partnership with Airtel, claims to have already got over 15,000 users. SMS 2.0 is a product that tries to build on the popularity of SMS. It is based on the premise that mobile screen is most viewed while sending or receiving a message, and this function can be further explored to get captive eyeballs for advertisers and customers.

Anuj Kumar, Founder and Executive Director-South Asia, Affle, said, “We are looking at creating media opportunities in the mobile space, which we think has immense potential for both the users and advertisers for targetting the right customers and delivering ROI.”

Kumar informed that SMS 2.0 works on the simple principle that subscribers of this service can get content that interests them. Along with the content is the opportunity for marketing and building value for the user. The service also helps generate interest-specific advertising. Till now, Affle has partnered with Aviva, Perfetti, ICICI Bank,, Levis, HPCL, P&G, Britannia and Goodyear, among others. Besides, the service also provides enhanced SMS experience with options of emoticons, colours and fonts, and many others.

The technology has two revenue models. One is the advertising that promises interactivity and measurability, while the other is through providing content, which almost always has an option of transaction. The company claims that each user is exposed to more than 550 advertisement or content impressions per month, and the product is already getting a 5.7 per cent of the scrolly impressions to be clicked on by users. The company claims that is much higher than the clickthroughs on other digital media — around four-five times more than what is seen on online advertisement.

Also, two per cent of the impressions lead to people clicking on options that lead to interactivity for advertisers and monetisation for content providers. The medium has proved to be a great success for driving interactivity for advertising. Also for ad content, it claims almost 6.3 per cent of ad scrollies getting clicked on by users. Also 2.6 per cent of impressions are leading users to either find out more or contact the advertiser.

After launching SMS 2.0 countrywide, Affle will look at bringing its second product ‘Coufon’ to the Indian market in its second phase.