Improved SMS Makes Debut

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SINGAPORE, 03 July 2007: Affle, a Britain-based technology company, has unveiled an enhanced version of the wildly popular short message system (SMS).

The new version allows users to view more content and do searches on their mobile phones.

Affle said SMS2.0 maintains the simplicity and ease of text messaging, but adds more choices for the cellphone user, such as viewing the latest gossip from Bollywood to searching the location of a restaurant in Singaporeís trendy Clarke Quay district.

This one of the most significant innovations in the mobile industry – Anuj Khanna, Affle Chief Executive

The service was launched last week in Singapore and India after pilot trials.

Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Phillippines, China, Taiwan, Japan and Australia are expected to be added to coverage within the next two years, Affle executives said.

The cost of sending text message is unchanged, Affle said.

Chief executive Anuj Khanna said he believes SMS2.0 is the first of its kind in the world to build on the highly popular text messaging, which remains the undisputed money-spinner for several telecommunications form despite the emergence of fancier applications.

ìI think this is one of the most significant innovations in mobile industry, ìKhanna told the reporters at the launch. ìI am convinced that this is revolutionary.î

He added that in the next two months, a ìsearchî feature will be added to make SMS an acronym for ìshort message and search.î

Under this feature, a user can key in a word or phase just like composing an SMS message, click ìsearchî instead of ìsend,î and will be directed to a search engine like Google or Yahoo!

Source: The Star Malaysia – Intech Page 117 | View Article