IMs are more engaging than SMS

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Driven by dipping prices of smartphones, mobile Instant Messaging market is expected to double in the next two years

Anuj Kumar CEO, AffleIn an exclusive interview with My Mobile, Anuj Kumar, CEO, Affle group expressed confidence is aggressive growth of Instant Messengers in India. “Presently the share of Instant Messengers is still 10 to 15 per cent of the total mobile apps market and I think in two years time frame this should increase to 35 to 40 per cent,” said Kumar.

Kumar opined that the growth in the demand for Instant Messaging on mobile is because of the lowering prices and increasing presence of smartphones the country along with increasing affordability of bulk data plans. On being asked about the declining rate of SMS usage in the country, Kumar said-  “IMs are much more engaging and expressive way of communication. That really made people shift to IMs for communicating. What we have seen now is that the first time in this quarter there has been a decline in the SMS usage in India because people are moving to IMs. We see consumers gravitating to the world IMs as a replacement to SMS. Clearly IMs are ringing a death knell for SMs in the country.”