Products & Services: SMS In Colour

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Airtel subscribers can download an application to send text messages in colour and receive content integrated into messaging.

Airtel and Affle have announced the all India launch of a phone based application called SMS2.0 that once installed resides as the default SMS application on the customer’s mobile handset. It allows Airtel users to discover content services along with enhanced messaging features.

The message personalisation options include additional features like composing and sending messages with a variety of text and background colours and emoticons.

Content such as news, jokes, film updates, cricket, astrology etc is integrated into the messaging application. A small teaser is offered on the Message Compose/Read window, and a Full Screen, which appears along with the Message Sent/Sending Window.

he free download can be requested by sending “SMS2” to 543210. There is no charge for subsequent content delivery on this platform and SMS charges remain unchanged.

The countrywide launch to Bharti Airtel’s 52.96 million mobile customers in India follows a pilot which started in June 2007 in Delhi which Affle says had positive user feedback. Affle currently operates in five countries including the UK, India, Singapore, Thailand, and USA. The company is in the process of strategically expanding to other top mobile markets including Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan & Indonesia, in the coming few years.