Samsung partners Affle to launch mobile advertising campaign for Omnia W phone

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Mobile media company Affle has partnered Samsung Mobile to launch of ‘The Cricket Hub’, a mobile marketing campaign for Samsung’s new Omnia W phone. As part of this campaign, Affle has created a branded mobile cricket destination  on which cricket fans can access cricket content delivered within a Samsung Omnia W Windows Phone experience.

The content of the campaign is being created exclusively by Affle and its partners and includes various off-the-field facts, trivia, news bites, live score and exciting contests. The users, when accessing ‘The Cricket Hub’ will experience it in Samsung Windows interface highlighting key product features of the Windows style design, which includes User Interface being built on the “Live Tiles” concept.

Sankalp Mehrotra, Regional Director, Business Development, Affle said, “Affle believes in pushing the limits of mobile innovation and we do so by creating unique mobile experiences to engage the mobile users. With the launch of The Cricket Hub, we are confident of creating, nurturing and sustaining an interesting platform for all cricket fans by offering them an inside view of an exciting off-the-field cricket action. What’s even more interesting is that through this launch we have ushered into an era of creating custom branded content properties for top advertisers on the mobile platform.”

Asim Warsi, Vice-President, Marketing, Mobile Business, Samsung India, said, “Mobile has become a key medium of consumption for consumers to meet their information and entertainment needs, hence it is an important platform for us to engage with them using this platform. We saw Cricket Hub as an appropriate medium to give our unique Window’s Phone experience and exciting cricket content on the user’s mobile.

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