SMS2.0 – The New Generation of SMS

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SINGAPORE, 27 June 2007: What if you receive a SMS from your girlfriend/boyfriend, saying that she/he is craving for Italian food and what you know about Italian cuisine is as much as what cows know about computers?

Affle offers you a solution: you find what’s relevant, you interact and then you transact; doing all of these within the comforts of your Short Message Service (SMS).

At the global launch of SMS2.0, Affle unveiled a new platform for the highly popular text messaging application SMS. Simply named SMS2.0, the new application boosts enhanced features, content, promotions and even a search facility that redefines the 2nd ‘S’ in SMS (Short Message and Search).

“SMS2.0 will make media truly mobile and redefine the rules of the mobile advertising business”, said Mr Anuj Khanna, CEO & Chairman of Executive Committee, Affle. He added that SMS2.0 was “a new flavour and a new generation of text messaging” that will deliver the “next generation experience”.

In his demonstration of the use of SMS2.0, Mr Khanna showed how seamless it was. “Users need not launch a new application, it’s the same simplistic experience”, he said, launching the application as you would now when sending a text message. ” It blends perfectly in their existing user experience”, he added.

“It’s delivering media to the user, content that is relevant to the user”, Mr Khanna explained, drawing attention to the advertisement at the bottom of the application. A non-intrusive form of interactive media, the advertisements are not only relevant to your likes and dislikes but you can also choose not to engage with them. This is the complete opposite of spam, where you are not given a choice but forced to read the message.

So imagine. You’ve just received the SMS and you need to look for an Italian restaurant.

1. Finding what’s relevant

While you are reading the message, you notice an advertisement for an Italian cafe near Clarke Quay.

2. Interact

You click on the advertisement and it gives you the option of either calling them or getting the cafe to call you. You decide to call.


You spoke to the lovely cafe manager and have reserved a candlelight dinner table for two. Transaction done. It’s really that simple.

Or let’s say you don’t find an advertisement for an Italian restaurant, you can still conduct a simple search within the confines of your SMS space. Meet the new ‘S’ is ‘SMS’, it’s your new best friend.

With a search function embedded in the system, you no longer have to exit, connect to GPRS, find the website and conduct a search. Searching for an Italian restaurant is now literally just a few clicks away. “It’s an ease to search and there’s no need to type cause it’s already there”, Mr Khanna said, showing how you can use your text message to conduct a search without any trouble. “It’s like a browser within your SMS”, as he aptly puts it.

Though there are no concrete plans, Affle is in talks with various online search engines to power its mobile search on SMS2.0. Affle together with three of its partners – M1, Nokia and GroupM – promise that SMS2.0 will be ” more engaging consumer experience” and “a media on which the user can experience any type of content”.

So in a nutshell (I’ll try to keep to the 160 word limit), Affle’s SMS2.0 is an upgrade to the consumer’s default SMS application. It gives the consumer access to enhanced meeting features and create an interactive channel for non-intrusive delivery of relevant content and advertising on the SMS window.

SMS2.0 requires phones to operate on the Symbian OS and is currently compatible with the following Nokia phone models: N70, N71, 6680, 6681 and 6630. Also, downloading of the application is free of charge and data traffic for SMS2.0 is also not chargeable.

With more talks and partnership discussions to come, one can only expect Affle’s SMS2.0 to get better and provide more features.

Who knows? With innovative technology like Affle’s SMS2.0, holograms might soon be coming our way.

Source: Youth.Sg | View Online Article