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Airtel is first in India to launch SMS 2.0, the colourful, almost email looking SMS service

SENDING an SMS message has just got more interesting. Airtel and Affle have launched SMS2.0 – the world’s first upgrade to SMS. Airtel is the first in India to offer this service.

SMS2.0 is unique as it has leveraged the popularity of SMS, and has converged messaging, content and contextual advertising into one seamless application, which resides as the default SMS application on the customer’s mobile handset.

Commenting on their launch of SMS 2.0, Sanjay Gupta, chief marketing offer, Airtel, said. “ Trends indicate that youth and young professionals are more active users of messaging. This service will open up an entirely new set of options that will enrich the messaging experience.”

Anuj Kumar, Executive Director (South Asia) Affle, said, “India is very exciting mobile market. We are confident that SMS2.0 will redefine the messaging experience for a large set of users and become their entry window to the world of Mobile Internet. We have already seen a very positive response from users, for the value features and the rich non-intrusive content, and expect to grow it substantially during thus launch.”

Just so easy

The SMS2.0 application is a free upgrade to the regular SMS application, and it can be done by just sending an SMS. Some of the salient features of SMS2.0 include things like enhanced features. The SMS2.0 upgrade provides enhanced messaging features to the user, leading to greater personalization for the SMS window, for eg, variety of text colours, background colours, fun emoticon, etc.

SMS2.0 serves free content to the users, contextual to the interest areas selected by him.

This content is served as a email teaser on the Message Compose/Read window, and a Full Screen, which appears along with the Message Sent/Sending Window.

Sending, using and delivering is quite easy. The SMS2.0 application resides as a default SMS application, and thus is very easy for user to discover without any additional training.

And the best part is that it is being given for free for the users, as they can get a feel of it.

Thus SMSing is now more trendy, fun and informative and costs just the same as sanding the normal one.