Touchscreen technology has been a game changer

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Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder and Chairman, Affle Group

Anuj Khanna Sohum is a serial entrepreneur and innovator. His first company, Anitus Technologies, was acquired in 2001 by MCSB and rechristened myMCSB. His second company, SecLore Technology, was acquired by Herald Logic in 2007. In 2006, he founded Affle which has business interest covering the entire digital domain across devices and platforms.

What gadgets do you use?

My list of gadgets is pretty long. However the ones which are most integral to my work and play are my iPad 3, iPhone 5 and Apple TV. I make sure that they are always synchronised and connected. An essential gadget accessory for me is a solar battery charger that I picked up in Frankfurt. Nifty design can charge up to four devices at a time.

Which is the latest gadget you picked up?

My Canon DSLR 400 with a combination of telephoto and macros lenses. It’s an absolute delight to take pictures with it. My acquisition of the camera was followed by a family break where I was clicking @ 250 pics per day. It’s a piece of art tech!

What is your dream machine?

My dream machine would be a self-driven electric automobile with cool features like Google driverless features. Definitely much more souped up than the Honda Hybrid I drive now, with intelligence to choose low traffic routes and serve hot beverages.

What do you not like about technology?

Technology is increasingly being designed in an intuitive way. It’s becoming an extension of our senses. From a human perspective, it’s the dependency on gadgets that I don’t like. It can be a form of addiction. Forcing me ask the eternal question; is it a device in your hands or you in the hands of the device?

What apps are you addicted to?

I enjoy using mobiles, tablets, camera and TV in a connected and multitasking way. I like using my mobile to control my TV and using it to access different kind of content, right from watching pictures, streaming music, videos to sports.

What’s the biggest tech success according to you?

The touch screen technology has been one of the biggest tech successes of the recent times. It has been a game changer. It has dramatically raised the expectations of interactions between humans and machines. Voice based interactions are at an early stage but have the potential of causing a similar disruption in future.

One instance where technology solved your problem.

While at Stanford for a month, my wife and I decided to stay connected by having a live video link from our homes, between Singapore and San Francisco. Using VoIP, Skype and WiFi we managed to configure this live link for over 15 hours per day for 20 days without needing to pay a single cent.