People First. Open. Invigorating

Affle’s businesses thrive because of its very committed team members. We actively promote an entrepreneurial spirit. Afflers, as we call ourselves, are encouraged to ideate and prototype new concepts freely, which promotes a greater sense of ownership and greater passion towards work.

We ensure that Affle remains a fun place to work and to play with some Afflers actively using the office facilities to better their Table Tennis, Foosball, Carrom, Darts and Dancing skills.

Ours is an open organisation with a flat structure where the quality of thinking prevails upon designations. There are no silos, no boundaries and no cabins to restrict new ideas and thoughts.

Few unique ways Afflers bond with each other and help create a fun work environment include



Fun with ideas on the last Friday of each month at Affle. Done over pizza and drinks!


Fun@Affle with regular outings for bowling, go-karting, cricket. We also build our own games and fun contests to keep up the excitement.


The quarterly offsite meeting at a nature resort to enable greater team building and complete strategic alignment across businesses.