Overall Strategy

Affle’s integrated end-to-end mobile marketing platform is backed by big data intelligence which makes marketing more relevant, and helps create greater ROI for brands & commerce companies.

The key aspects of Affle’s strategy can be best understood through our twin focus across our platform development and business initiatives

2 Customer Segments : BRANDS & COMMERCE
Affle’s platform is geared towards providing measurable value to its 2 core customer segments (a) Brands who are looking to maximise engagements and interactivity, and (b) Commerce companies seeking more transactions and measurable ROI.
2 Audience Segments : URBAN & RURAL
Affle’s platform addresses the two most important audience segments which our customers want to reach out to. These include the predominantly smartphone audience in Urban markets and feature phone users in Rural areas.
2 Skill Sets : SCIENCE & ART
At Affle we believe that returns from digital marketing can be best maximised by using a blended ‘Science’ and ‘Art’ approach. Our team of data scientists and engineers work to make ad targeting more precise, predictive & ROI centric. In parallel our User Experience experts and designers work on creating ad experiences which are more fun and engaging. This twin approach has helped us to deliver much greater ROI to partners and create significant growth momentum for ourselves.