SMS2.0 redefines SMS to Social Networking Messaging and Search. The product is available in two versions - SMS2.0 & SMS2.0 Live.

SMS2.0 blends social networking, free interactive content and rich media with enhanced messaging capabilities to give you a unique experience like never before. It takes your messaging experience to another level without making you change your native messaging behaviour. This is because SMS2.0 upgrades your native messaging and blends the rich experiences as part of your regular messaging engagements.

By upgrading to SMS2.0, users get the following benefits -
  • improved messaging experience to add cool colours, expressive smileys, signatures & more
  • social messaging on SMS (Facebook & Twitter)
  • enhanced messaging features to hide your SMS or plan it in advance
  • interactive content & search on the messaging screen
  • top and bottom toolbar – for quick access to messaging options
  • leaderboard style contesting to give users FREE prizes every week
  • special promotional offers from advertisers in areas of your interest

And all this for FREE!

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