Affle works with thousands of top publishers globally who benefit from it’s integrated platform to help grow their advertising business.

Key parts about our platform stack which appeal most to publishers include :

  • Integrated platform to deliver solutions to build assets, promote and also monetize them.
  • Solid attribution and analytics platform to help measure downloads/sales/engagements by source and optimize them accordingly.
  • Monetization platform creating higher yield through a blended sponsorships, direct sales and programmatic sales approach.
  • Extensive ad unit portfolio which includes Rich Media, Video, Display & Native ads.
  • User centric advertising model which ensures that all engagements are delivered in-native, in-video or in-banner, thus reducing the need for the user to click on the ad and get led out of the publisher site/app.
  • Easy to integrate tools and SDK’s to help track downloads, usage and earnings

We would be happy to have you as a partner. Contact us at to get started