Anil Kumar Shetty

We are fortunate to be marketers in the era when videos can be consumed by the users so easily.

Anil Kumar Shetty
    Manager Digital Initiative

Anil Kumar Shetty On Mobile Marketing

What made you pick a career in digital marketing?

Digital is a booming industry. Every organization these days, is moving from Brick-and-Mortar format to Omnichannel strategy. I was always fascinated by creative marketing campaigns and strategies of brands like Coca-Cola and McDonalds. This pushed me to pursue a career in the digital marketing domain.

Tell us about your approach to acquiring quality users.

Acquiring quality users relies on three factors - channel, message, and timing. You need to approach them over the right channels with a relevant message at a time when the users are willing to consume your message. So, we rely on technologies that process large user behavior data points to address these factors and drive quality user acquisition. Having an understanding of the current customer base's behavior based on demographics & shopping habits helps us in curating personalized campaigns with pinpoint targeting.

Which strategies work best to convert installs into engaged users?

Once the user has installed your app, you have several advantages as you have various permissions and access to user behavior. However, it’s of no use without a strategy. According to my experience, push notification is the most crucial part of this strategy. It grabs attention better than most other options, you can also personalize them for different users, and it even has a higher engagement rate. Use the push notifications effectively and your install to engagement conversion is going to grow for sure.

What do you think about the impact created by Video on consumers?

We are fortunate to be marketers in the era when videos can be consumed by the users so easily. Not only do our quality users have the resources to consume video content, but also they are willing to watch videos as well. Be it OTT or social media, users are consuming video content at an unprecedented pace. Moreover, they are willing to share it as well. As an advertiser, your only task is to create interesting and informative videos. The abundance of platforms to run your video ads on eases the rest of the task. Videos can make your brand go viral faster than any other medium.

Why is it important to connect with users across multiple touchpoints?

Reaching customers across multiple touchpoints is crucial for several reasons. To start with a few, you need to beat your competitors and you need to create brand retention as well. Also, the attention span of consumers is reducing and you have to be more available to grab more attention for your brand. Any platform or format that you are missing means an opportunity missed.

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