It's all about maintaining the right balance of retargeting ad messaging & its timing

Rizky Dwi Putra
    Performance Marketing Manager

Rizky Dwi Putra On Mobile Marketing

When did you decide to build a career in digital marketing, and why?

It took me some time to figure that out. Right after college, in my first couple of jobs, I was handling several roles. But I felt that I was biased toward tasks that involved digital marketing. After a few sessions of self-introspection, I was sure digital marketing is going to be my battleground. This is what the future of marketing is. Consumers are going digital, businesses are investing in digital marketing. It is full of challenges and innovations. I have spent years in the industry now, and I am yet to a mundane task here.

How do you stay ahead of changes in mobile marketing?

For growth and user acquisition in this competitive marketing space, we need to continually look for the scope of improvements in the campaign performance, user experience, etc. I rely a lot on reading and experimentation. I regularly follow some of the leading influencers in the industry to grab some bite from their expertise. Then I experiment a lot on what I have learned from reading. I go beyond just A/B testing in creatives to ensure that we move fast and in the right direction.

How do I know if I am connecting you with the right customers?

There are several metrics that can help, and a lot of it depends on your current business goals. I believe that acquiring the right customer in the e-commerce category means consistent growth of customer value. Obviously, we maintain a keen eye on almost every metric, such as CTR, View Through Rate, engagement bounce rate, transaction rate, traffic source, and more. The key is to keep working on every conversion to drive higher results on KPI as the bottom of the funnel.

What strategies work best to convert installs into engaged users?

It’s all about maintaining the right balance of retargeting ad messaging and its timing. Once the user has installed the app, we know they are interested. To keep them engaged and move towards actionable steps, it’s essential that we pitch them the product that will pique their interest. We also need to understand that they may be comparing your product with our competitors. Hence, the ad message should also be able to point out our benefits, such as faster delivery, price, and so on.

What are your thoughts about increasing customer LTV?

There are two ways to look at it. One is that you acquire a user and then try to retarget them so that they repeat orders with you. It’s an easy process. We have been doing that consistently using retargeting ads. Another way of acquiring customers is by identifying the user behavior points of your high-value customer and using them during user acquisition campaigns. This affinity-based audience modeling empowers us to reach high-value and intent users, so they convert faster.

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