Mobile Marketing is moving towards personalization and omnipotence

Victor Zimarev
    Head of CPA Department

Victor Zimarev On Mobile Marketing

Please share with us your journey in Growth Marketing?

FinFalcon has been working with the Olymp Trade trading platform for two years. Over this time, we have got great expertise in growth marketing. We focus on retaining customers rather than attracting them to the platform. Our team sees its task as increasing the affiliates’ loyalty to the broker on a daily basis. After all, the more the attracted traders earn, the more money they bring to the members of our affiliate network.

How is programmatic advertising driving value for your business?

Programmatic advertising is the most efficient mechanism for working with a decentralized and multicultural audience of the fintech industry. The main advantage of programmatic is the fine-tuning of the financial product to the end consumer, taking into account specifics of promotion channels. Programmatic advertising enables us to get higher conversion rates, which means to increase the profitability of our business. We are actively mastering this advertising tool and see excellent opportunities in using it.

How do you see the growth of Fintech as a mobile first industry in the coming future?

Even now, traditional banks are challenged by the more flexible FinTech startups, which use mobile technology most efficiently. Traditional financial institutions have not been prepared for the coronavirus pandemic, which provides the fintech industry with a unique chance to take a leading position in the mobile Internet segment. It is important to pay special attention to service personalization, omnichannel marketing, and own mobile app development.

What are some of the key challenges that you would like to solve in the FinTech mobile marketing ecosystem?

As the FinTech customer audience grows, the processing and management of a huge amount of data become increasingly important. This challenge is not only with data available in a huge amount but also with the need to protect personal information. Mass hacking of mobile devices is no longer a rare case, so user security is our top priority when we develop mechanisms to collect and process customer data.

What do you see as the next trend in Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is moving towards personalization and omnipotence. These days, active users of mobile devices have several gadgets and sign up for various mobile platforms, social networks, and messengers. The number of possible customer touchpoints is growing rapidly, and the possibilities of manual control over this process are far from unlimited. Therefore, advertisers’ demand for software that helps automate ads placing and direct user interaction processes using artificial intelligence keeps growing as time goes on.

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