Brands are everywhere; they are not just a logo, corporate identity, advertising and marketing. In the 1650s Brand/branding originated from cattle farming as a stamp of ownership later they were used to identify products as “Good Source” or “Good Quality”.

Today Brand defines a much deeper meaning for consumers. Brands inculcate confidence, passion, belonging, action and security for its consumers.

Almost everything can be branded today from products to people to even religion. Brands help guarantee quality, evoke desire and help us belong. It is therefore very important how we wish to communicate our brand message over multimedia to our consumers. Nielsen’s recent consumer media usage study helps understand the broad spectrum of audience we can engage with advertising.

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We can utilize advertising for various purposes; In general our consumers can be targeted on the basis of

Action: Current users of the product,

Conviction: Consumers that are convinced but haven’t gotten around to purchasing,

Comprehension: Consumers that comprehend the product but are not convinced,

Awareness: Consumers are aware of the product but don’t know of the advantages

Unawareness: Consumer has never heard of the brand

Once we decide the target audience we then sculpt our campaign on one of the following events.

  1. Getting Attention of the Consumer Audience
  1. Prompting Immediate Reaction from the Consumer Audience
  1. Replacing Lost Customers
  1. Building Sales and Profits
  1. Brand Awareness
  1. Brand Loyalty
  1. Show Up on search Engine or SEO
  1. Set yourself Apart from the Competition
  1. Increasing Recall or reminding the Consumer Audience of the brand
  1. To Increase Customer Conviction
  1. Short Term Sales
  1. Long Term Communication
  1. Developing favourable customer Attitudes
  1. Overcoming Negative Publicity
  1. Launch of a New Product

Capitalizing on these key events has granted success to many sincere marketers and propagates their brands to global achievement. Continue to read this series as we dive in to details of these events in terms of advertising.

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