Add a spark of festivity to your brand campaigns!

Third in the order of our festive series is the Lifestyle & Travel space, which comprises of a huge variety of premium brands.

Lifestyle Brands

To usher in the festive mood, people like to invest in lifestyle products for the essential ‘look good-feel good’ factor; they’re prepared to splurge on big brands selling fashionable clothing, jewellery, makeup, accessories, etc. Also, in many cultures, it is considered to be an auspicious time to exchange gifts amongst family and friends. So, most consumers are on the lookout for amazing products and good purchase offers.

Another interesting observation in this context is that most of these lifestyle brands focus on targeting women through their advertising campaigns on mobile. In fact, the market is flooded with women-centric products offered by popular brands like IKEA, Nike, United Colors of Benetton, Levis, L’oreal Paris, Tanishq, Prada, Gucci, Vero Moda, Zara…you name it!

Take a look at what we did for Olay

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

Global lifestyle brands like Macy’s, Raymond, L’oreal Paris, Tanishq, Titan, Swarovski, Mango,  Marks & Spencers, Adidas, and the other who’s who of the fashion industry, usually launch their festive or holiday collection during August to DecemberBe it the Asian market or Western market, there are special products and offers from every leading brand advertiser.

Travel Brands

Another category of brands that has its eyes set on the festive season is the is Travel industry. While some consumers like to celebrate the festival holidays at home, there’s a whole other section of consumers who find this season apt for taking a vacation to their dream destinations. Hence, the festival or holiday season is a time for travel and related brands to roll up their sleeves and get busy promoting their offers through catchy advertising campaigns. Be it brands offering travel deals, hotel deals or complete package tours, marketing is a crucial area for them. Hence, top Travel & Tour brands like Thomas Cook, Cox & Kings, SOTC, Expedia and many others spend big time in running full scale mobile advertising campaigns.

As the spotlight is on advertising, let’s look at how Lifestyle and Travel brands can look at creating amazing festive brand campaigns using a variety of appealing ad formats.

Here’s what we recommend!

(1) Parallax Gallery  Ads

Want to showcase your product’s specific features or festive offers? Parallax Gallery Ad format is  your answer.

With its capability of depicting a wide array of elements minus the complexities, this ad format has become quite suitable for lifestyle brand advertising campaigns. This format also supports hotspots on each page of the gallery that highlight information about a particular product.

Take a look at how we created an amazing Parallax Gallery Ad for L’oreal Paris using this format. The ad brings out the various offers for specific L’oreal products.

Watch the L’oreal Paris Ad 

 (For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

(2) Animation Ads

There’s a whole scope of creative experimentation choices available with this ad format. With extreme visual appeal and the ability to render a video-like experience, Animation Ads score really high on the user engagement test.

Look at how we used this ad format for Raymond. The ad highlights the various fabric colours offered by Raymond as the user clicks on the different buttons or hotspots.

Take a look at our ad for Raymond

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

Here’s another exciting ad centred around Messi that we created for Adidas using this format.

Watch this Ad

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

For targeting the women audiences, we had also created some exciting Animated Ads for brands like Swarovski, Dove, Tanishq.

Take a look at our ad for Swarovski

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

And here’s another example of how we used this ad format to bring out the beauty of Tanishq diamonds by creating a real-time advertising experience for the target audience.

Watch the Tanishq Ad

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

Lifestyle brands can also leverage the Animated Ad format to bring out the competitiveness or differentiating factor in their product quality in front of their audience. Our Dove Ad demonstrates exactly that!

Take a look at our ad for Dove

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

(3) The all-in-one ad format!

Talk about bring together the aspects of interactive rich media with hotspots, and you have a creative marvel!

Our ad for Titan is a remarkable creative solution to that effect! In this ad, we highlighted the amazing features of Titan Juxt. With an interactive layout, this ad beautifully demonstrates Titan Juxt’s camera, fitness tracker and music player in a matter of seconds.

Watch the Titan Juxt Ad

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

4) Hotspot Ad format

If interactive is a rule you like to play by, the Hotspot Ad format is apt for your lifestyle brand.

Here’s another fantastic example of how we used this ad format along with the elements of pre-roll and a gallery of images for Keep Exploring Canada. The hotspots in this ad delicately highlight the various tourist destinations in Canada with appealing imagery and ad copy.

Watch the Keep Exploring Canada Ad

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

So whether you’re a Lifestyle brand or a Travel brand, make sure you try out these ad formats for enhancing your mobile presence during this festive or holiday season.

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This Festive Season Charm Your Audiences, Shine On!

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