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The popularity of game apps isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. But looking at the rapid growth track of the international games market, the statement that ‘The game app industry is the next big thing’ stands valid even today. Going by numbers, eMarketer estimates that mobile games will account for 30.9% of the US mobile content market in 2015 and the US mobile game revenues (including both downloads and in-app purchases) will hit $3.04 billion.

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Amidst these promising prospects, millions of game developers aspire to build the next Temple Run or Angry Birds. But even if you happen to create a brilliant game app, what matters the most is how well you market it to your target users. Whether you’re still stuck with the end phases of App development or just about to launch your app, it makes sense to prioritize your initial marketing plan and strategies.

In this blog post, let’s acquaint you with some key marketing strategies that can go a long way in making your app successful.

1)      Get started with a Landing Page.

It is customary to have a dedicated landing page created for your app and get it linked with your Google Play or App Store profile to establish credibility of the developers. This will also help your targeted users and app reviewers to get a better understanding about your Game App. Nowadays almost every app has a standard landing page to take care of the initial branding requirements and push app downloads. You can start off by picking a simple WordPress theme that is compatible with the mobile phone and reflects the theme of your game app. Add a couple of relevant screenshots and videos to give the users a sneak peek of your app!

2)      Go aggressive with free Content & Social Media.

After you’ve got your landing page ready, it is time to go aggressive with social media! Make sure that you create a detailed profile or page on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Google Plus, and others. To keep these buzzing with activity, you need to concentrate on generating some fresh and catchy content around your game app. Start off with an interesting series of blog posts and attractive creatives to build an authentic fan base.

3)      Reviews matter!

While your app is new, it makes great sense to spread a word about your product in the market. A fantastic way of doing it is by reaching out to famous bloggers and users who are passionate about exploring new apps. Before you contact these bloggers and ask them to review your app, try to make a short video about the concept of your app. Make sure that your video is not longer than 2 minutes. Upload this video on your app’s Youtube channel and share the video link with the bloggers while you pitch emails to them. This is the best way to get good reviews from bloggers and sometimes, one good review from a star blogger can fetch you thousands of app downloads!

Tip: You can also hire a PR Agency to roll out press releases for your game app.

4)      Paid Media & Cross promotions

The most effective way of grabbing the attention of your target audience and driving app downloads is by opting for paid media platforms such as, floating App Install Ads on Facebook. Facebook Ads are known for successfully targeting users based on factors like age, location, sex, etc. Additionally, investing on cross promotion campaigns will also get great visibility for your app and increase app downloads. Also opting for mobile marketing platforms with exclusive in app inventory would also be a cogent decision, but this decision should be driven by a holistic approach of the platform for meticulous optimization based on analytics.  Another quick way to get a rank boost and more visibility is the use of incent apps, which incentivises the users to download apps. But this strategy should be used cautiously weighed in with the myriad pros and cons.

 5)      Check out multiple app stores and app discovery platforms for Android

If you have developed an Android game app, don’t just stick to submitting it on Google Play. There are lots of other app stores out there! Amazon App Store, AppBrain, Slide Me, GetJar, Mobogenie are some good options for submitting your game app. Or you can try out app discovery platforms like Joy for getting the most relevant audiences for your app and making it viral.

Expert Inputs: Mehul Rao, Manager, International Sales (Affle)

Design: Jitendra Bisht, Manager, Design (Affle)


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  5. Clearly, mobile games are here to stay and there is a huge market for indie game developers to tap into. With the right marketing plan and exposure, indie game developers can achieve app success.

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