Affle is all set to exhibit in adtech New Delhi, India’s #1 marketing and media technology event, where marketing, technology and media communities come together to share innovations in ad technology, build strong partnerships, and define new strategies to compete in an ever-changing marketplace.

With the industry getting bigger and broader on the mobile marketing & tech space, this year ad:tech is expected to have 6500+ attendees from 31 nations with 90+ Exhibitors bringing you the latest in digital updates. A two days event that will bring the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing. ad:tech has both opportunities of structured and informal networking sessions to bring together industry’s smartest and brightest to share, learn and build partnerships.

This year’s ad tech includes many events designed to facilitate high quality networking with existing conversations and discussions on the most important topics of the digital industry.

What do we have in store?

As a leading mobile platform company, Affle is extremely excited to catch up with the attendees at the Adtech New Delhi 2017 and explore greater synergies of collaboration that can boost the growth of mobile business globally.  Apart from that, we look forward to sharing some interesting updates about our latest innovations related to Affle’s platform and products.



Affle for Performance Marketing:

  1. Integrated Supply Direct Owned & Programmatic.
  2. Granular Audience & KPI Level Optimization.
  3. Advanced & Integrated Fraud Detection Suite.

Affle for Brands:

  1. Innovative Rich Media, Video & App Development Platform.
  2. Profiled Audience Data over Proprietary Affle DMP
  3. Premium Placements & Programmatic Supply.

Affle for Data Management:

  1. Advanced Data Analytics & CRM.
  2. Simple SDK Level Integration for Apps.
  3. Enterprise Platform For Custom Audience Management Solution

To learn more about our latest updates and about the platform, visit our Booth #23 and we’ll be glad to discuss about how Affle’s MAAS platform can enhance the prospects for your business on mobile. http://goo.gl/paAW2U

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