It was that time of the year when some of us in the Ad:tech industry make the perennial visit to Seattle for the Tune Postback event. It was my first time in Seattle and I had a wonderful time meandering through this languid yet serene city and meeting some interesting people. The event lived up to its hype of bringing an esoteric group of people together to ponder and deliberate on the challenges faced by our industry, best practices and pioneering innovations.

Affle has always endeavoured to be on the forefront of cutting edge developments and it is through events like these we get a bearing to introspect. There were 3 big takeaways for us from this year’s Postback:

1. Fraud was the cynosure of Everyone’s eyes:

Right from the magnum opus and signature musical start of the Postback event orchestrated in perfect musical harmony to the very end of the event, fraud was the most conspicuous factor that speakers focused on. It was heartening to see industry leaders on the same page when it came to the deterrence and obliteration of fraud. We at Affle pride ourselves in transforming challenges into opportunities to better service our clients and build long lasting relationships. Hence taking a cue from the burgeoning problem of fraud we have recently launched our own fraud analytics platform called mFaaS which would not only help us in delivering quality traffic to our esteemed clients but would also strengthen the industry as a whole.

2. Narrowing the Chasm between Brand and Performance Marketing:

Affle works for myriad brands helping them augment their reach and appeal as well as with umpteen performance clients who are looking for high life time value, transacting and active users. Hence for us it is key that the these two verticals of brand and performance should work more seamlessly and not in silos. The new partnership unveiled at the Postback event between Tune and Celtra would do just this by narrowing the chasm between brand and performance marketing.

3. Dichotomy between Apple’s App download metrics and the mobile attribution partners: 

Tod Teresi VP at Apple explained the mystery behind the dichotomy between Apple’s App download metrics and the mobile attribution partners. He attributed it to Limit Ad-Tracking (opted by iPhone users), Re-downloads and open latency. Not only this he admitted that this issue requires more transparency and promised that Apple would take steps to provide better visibility to developers in the future.

Overall it was a great learning experience and one of the few conferences where we actually attended some sessions. The highlight of the trip was visiting the first Starbucks store which was started in Seattle back in 1971, a place which initiated a coffee revolution. Hope to return to this awesome city soon.

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