Kochava, a leading mobile attribution, and app analytics platform recently released its Traffic Index report 2020. This report ranks Affle amongst the top 3 DSPs (Demand Side Platform) and top 10 ad platforms globally in the quality of the app retention category. This edition measures the performance for mobile marketing platforms in the second half of 2019 (H2, 2019)

The evaluation for the report by Kochava is based on the analysis of billions of mobile app transactions taking place. The 4 key attributes of measurement are signal clarity, fraud, click to install correlation, and quality of retention. The report aims to look at and evaluates media partners beyond traditional metrics, so as to bring the advertising ecosystem closer to more transparent and efficient advertising. For advertisers, users who download and do not consume the app, do not add value. Hence, media partners that help in onboarding relevant users, in turn, enable advertisers to create higher retention and stronger lifetime value as an outcome.

Affle’s rankings in this global report is a validation of its continued efforts to help mobile-first companies grow and drive meaningful business outcomes with targeted data-led programmatic advertising. 

This accolade comes soon after Appsflyer, a leading mobile measurement company recognized Affle’s RevX platform to be amongst the Top 6 retargeting platforms in the APAC region for the Non-Gaming & Shopping categories in it’s Global Retargeting Index which was published as part of its Performance Index Edition X.

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