TUNE Certified Partner

Affle has been recognized as a TUNE Certified Partner. This recognition from TUNE is a mark of credibility of the strength of Affle’s platforms to deliver results leveraging its audience outreach, data intelligence, and very stringent fraud detection algorithms.

TUNE is the leading mobile analytics platform and aims to provide advertisers the best-in-class solutions for secure, unbiased, and accurate attribution.

About the TUNE Certified Partner Program:

Established in July 2015, the TUNE Certified Partner Program is one of the first programs in the industry to outline best practices for mobile advertising and marketing in order to deliver a better mobile experience for marketers. The TUNE Certified Partner Program comprises of integrated advertising partners who are committed to upholding unbiased & trustworthy standards in mobile marketing. The partner certification is awarded based on 10+ stringent criteria and requires each of the criteria to be met.

A note from TUNE on Affle’s inclusion to the program.

“The TUNE Certified Partner Program establishes and confirms industry best practices for mobile marketing,” said Ryan Buma, Chief Commercial Officer at TUNE. “Today we welcome Affle to the program as they have demonstrated their commitment to providing marketers with the utmost level of transparency, service, and value. I applaud Affle for completing the rigorous TUNE Certified Partner Program evaluation and their dedication to helping marketers win at mobile.”

Speaking on the achievement, Viraj Sinh, Co-founder Affle said “We are very happy to be recognized as a TUNE certified partner. As the leading player in the mobile industry, we have been setting industry standards for best practices for the last 10 years. This recognition from TUNE is a mark of credibility for our platform’s strengths to deliver results leveraging our audience outreach, data intelligence, and very stringent fraud detection algorithms”.

How TUNE identified the program partners:

The partners are identified after completing a rigorous certification process by meeting each technical, engagement, and compliance requirements. The requirements include stringent data and cost transparency, consistent client experiences, and the ability to quickly adapt to new industry practices and standards. The ranking parameters are distributed over three major categories that include requirements such as:

  • Notifying TUNE of clicks client-side
  • Measuring video ad impressions
  • Attribution using unique device identifiers ensuring 1:1 accuracy
  • Providing transparency and granularity on traffic quality, allowing marketers to optimize effectively
  • Allowing marketers to understand their return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Facilitating a more streamlined postback setup process for marketers
  • Ensuring discrepancy to be below 10% to prevent reporting and billing issues
  • Knowledge and expertise of mobile marketing attribution for seamless collaboration
  • Ensuring that advertising partners are aware of new standards that marketers require
  • Ensuring that advertising partner acknowledges campaign best practices to optimize measurement of mobile advertising campaign effectiveness 
  • and more…

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About Affle:

Affle is a Singapore headquartered company, and has built leading ‘Mobile Audience Intelligence and Analytics Platforms’. These platforms help deliver end-to-end mobile commerce & marketing solutions with greater ROI and transparency for marketers, commerce marketplaces, app developers and publishers through unique intent insights derived from behavioral signals, attribution, and transactional data analysis. Having started in 2006, Affle has been a pioneer in the field of mobile technology and has built significant scale and intelligence backed by its robust profile of data and insights about millions of users. Affle’s investors include Microsoft, D2C (An NTT DoCoMo subsidiary), Itochu, Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd. (BCCL), Centurion Private Equity amongst others. For more information:

Visit – affle.com || faas.mtraction.com || enterprise.affle.com

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