Mobile Marketing Industry Awards

It has been 2 quarters to FY 19-20 and Affle’s platforms have already bagged 17+ awards at some of the leading and most coveted award shows for the campaigns done on Affle’s end to end mobile marketing platforms.

The recognitions, including the “Enabling Technology Company of the Year” and “Brand of the Year” award, have been given to Affle for key work being done across both verticals for emerging and leading brands such as Meesho, Dunzo, Bobbi Brown, Sprite, and more.

Affle Win Mobile Marketing Awards

Within a quarter, Affle’s consumer-centric mobile marketing platforms have already won seven awards at Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Smarties India 2019, four awards at Exchange4Media’s Maddies 2019, and one award each at MMA Global SMARTIES X and MMA APAC Smarties. These awards are in recognition of the work being done to create a key differentiation for consumers, thereby driving value for marketers across verticals and geographies.

List of campaigns and awards won here.

Here is a snapshot of some award-winning campaigns delivered over Affle’s end to end mobile marketing platforms

Campaign: When Women Joined Hands To Break Social Shackles

Meesho In Association with Affle

About The Campaign

Meesho, a first of its kind social commerce platform in India aimed to offer an opportunity for female entrepreneurs to break the social shackles and join the social commerce revolution. Utilizing Affle’s consumer platform, Meesho grew reach and engagement among the potential consumers – women aged between 25 and 45 years in tier 1, 2, and 3 cities of India.

Affle’s consumer platform leveraged its DMP that has intelligence collected over 2B+ connected devices and 279B+ data points along with app store data to identify and acquire high intent users. Moreover, with fraud mitigation and timely scaling, the campaign gained higher app engagement and transactions. The campaign for Meesho, using Affle’s mobile marketing platform scaled up soon as a significant chunk of women joined the social revolution. The campaign witnessed over a million conversions as women entrepreneurs across India joined the social revolution & this contributed to more than 117 percent growth in orders month on month.

The campaign with Meesho has recently won the most coveted “Best In Show” award at recently held MMA Smarties Awards, India in Mumbai.

Campaign: You Wanna Do It, Just DUNZO It

Dunzo In Association With Affle

About The Campaign

Dunzo is an instant delivery service in tier 1 cities of India, including Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Affle’s consumer platform, using its affinity, lookalike targeting, and data modeling based user acquisition, enabled Dunzo to drive more conversions with relevant audience base on its app.

New customers on-boarded on Dunzo’s platform increased by over 84% during the campaign with Affle, and orders/conversions on Dunzo’s platform increased by 20% month on month while also maintaining the order/conversion to registration to over 25%. Consumers were able to get the services delivered through Dunzo over apps and that helped consumers save time, thereby adding value to their lives.

Campaign: Say Hello to Virtual Beauty Consultant

Isobar In association with Affle

About The Campaign

A globally-renowned beauty product seller, Bobbi Brown, launched its premier collection in India and aimed to draw more brand awareness for the same. Now a lot of brands suggest beauty products only basis the skin type of consumers. Our research indicated that weather parameters in the current climate conditions could also influence the skin quality of consumers. And hence, Affle created a “Virtual Consultant” for Bobbi Brown’s potential customers that recommended beauty products, not just basis skin type of consumers, but also basis location and weather parameters – city, temperature, humidity and more.

Built over Affle’s consumer-centric ad authoring platform – mKr8 and delivered through engaging rich media ads, the campaign for Bobbi Brown was a huge success in reforming how consumers perceived skincare. Affle’s mobile marketing platforms created a sales uplift of primers by over 8X and an overall increase of over 54% in sales.

Campaign: India Opens the Bottle of Refreshment With Sprite

Sprite and Interactive Avenues in Association with Affle

About The Campaign

Sprite, a refreshing beverage, aimed to create engagement with their target audience. To do so, they connected with Affle to drive a marketing campaign that could strengthen the brand’s positioning of refreshment during summers in India.

Leveraging consumer insights, we built a 1st of its kind, device-agnostic, offline to online AR Based cross-media campaign that allowed users to collect points by scanning bottles with a web-based scanner. The campaign was delivered over Affle’s ad authoring platform mKr8. 600 million Sprite bottles with 100 different labels were distributed across India and the user had to scan the label for the game. By scanning 30 labels, users qualified for the chance to win a trip to Mauritius. The ease of gamification simplified and created an immersive refreshing experience for consumers. Social sharing integrated within ad delivery experience added to campaign virality. The campaign executed over Affle’s ad authoring platform mKr8 resulted in an increase in volume by 14% and over 10% increase in transactions for Sprite, thereby overachieving its laid objectives. The campaign went on to become a huge success.


Affle’s mobile marketing platforms with its contextual targeting & immersive ad experience have enabled marketers to reach, engage, and maximize conversions with their target audience. Be it scaling for Meesho, in a very new category-social commerce, or driving brand awareness for a premium beauty brand – Bobbi Brown, or even driving a rich online to offline cross-media campaign for Sprite, Affle’s consumer-centric technology platforms have enabled marketers to drive significant growth. With these leading industry recognitions, we are even more excited to continue to deliver groundbreaking success to our customers through continued investments in data, technology and engaging ad experiences.