Internet is magical. You start with googling a wallet when somehow you end up buying a watch. How does that happen? How does one start searching for one specific app say, a racing game but lands up on a treasure quest? The phenomenon we are talking about here is referred to as Advertising. Its kind of simple actually. An Ad network uses interactive advertising at pertinent designated locations according to existing attributions, given the user interests and thus, attracts impressions. A mobile app as fancy or simplified it may be, holds the power to manipulate and hamper one’s daily schedule and leave a very strong impression psychologically.  An app could be revolutionary, out of the box or life changing, it may worth a 1000$ or as low as 1$ but does the idea or the money you put in for building an app, sell the app? Of course not. Just like in movies, you need a good trailor to make the show house full, an app craves for the right strategic promotion.


In the year 2007, Greystripe (mobile ad-supported game and application distributor) ran a mobile ad campaign wherein  the New Line cinema’s movie “The Golden Compass” was being played on the screen till the time any game was in process of loading. This  campaign increased aided movie awareness by 19%, from 42% to 61% which back in 2007 was a big move. How did that happen? Mobile Advertising. The moment you identify and understand your audience and engage them with a relevant interactive advertising, you start creating the correct audience experience which is where mobile advertising begins. The work becomes harder when an Ad Network indulges into procurement where one could directly occupy inventory or use Real time bidding to earn the inventory at their own bids. This inventory is usually an area where an advertiser fixes his ads given that certain page has relevant traffic in relation to the ad itself. If this match of ad and traffic is well attributed, the result generally obtained is positive, better number of installs and RoI. The idea is to maximize the impact of the advertisement on the users using rich media and smart attribution analytics. Procurement is an important strand of advertising wherein the publisher meets the advertiser and forms a virtual commerce marketplace to educate their audiences about their apps.


Crap! It’s only sometimes a bald person comes across hair essentials advertising or a married person comes across Tinder app(ouch!). Depending upon the target audience you require, the landing platform for the app may vary. This has to be carefully examined and taken care of on a priority basis since it is not only a big wastage of time but also it is misleading and leaves a bad impression on the user base by the end of the day. The relevance of the target audience one reaches out to plays a significant role and is achieved by what we call attribution analytics. Ad Networks today make tailor made brand campaigns targeting relevant audience using attribution filers wherein the demographics of the required application are filtered and focused upon to achieve maximum output. Lenovo, for example used attribution analytics as a weapon and built a brand name it is today. The  work gets harder when big brands have to cater unique needs and build strategic executions around it. Not only does attribution analytics provide unique intent insights but also blends the same with focused marketing spends on the pertinent market landscape. For those who believe attribution analytics is a difficult conduct, its no rocket science. It is simple optimization of user experience based on predictive algorithms.


With the changing technologies and growing intense competition, mobily models are becoming the base structures of every business. What was once a luxury is now a necessity. So, there is a page with prominent amount of traffic, an app with the user base matching the traffic of that very page looking for an inventory, we connect them. Had the game been so simple, the fun would have lost somewhere in the monotony of this give and take. Between the herd of app promoters, Affle offers something a little off the edge. Affle is an end to end MAAS platform where the art and science of mobile advertising come into action.For marketers, we have our SDK integrated with over 1000 owned applications, which gives us a pure gargantuan inventory which is absolutely exclusive to us along with integrated analytics over public and private clouds. Our rewards platform which has been launched in India last year and would soon be rolled out in SEA in the coming months also makes our traffic an interesting offering. Also harnessing the 10 years we have been in the industry, we have forged many strategic and cogent partnerships with direct Publishers globally. Our attribution analytics are run on our MAAS platform to advocate which traffic could be targeted and moved to which direction and we aid ourselves and our clients discretion in selection of various attribution features with our Dynamic platform. We can create a user base which is both effective for promotions as well as launching and finally not to forget, we offer post click optimizations which boosts your revenues. Our platform leverages intent insights along with strong UX/UI which comes along with existing experience of building 1400+ apps and 5000+ campaigns.


Branding your app may be easy but reaching the relevant audience and touching the right chord is what makes or breaks the business of that app. The quality of campaigns, correct examination of user base and right strategy may seem difficult altogether but then again it is the blend of the same which will make your way to the market easy with our experience and expertise. There is a firm shift  from digital to mobile which is a revolution in disguise. Given the same scenario, that one day is not far from today wherein the entire market will go mobile or at least that is what we assume today. In the similar zest, it is obvious that mobile app advertising is something we can vouch for and put our resources into with an expectation of growth and revenues for the long haul.


As for publishers and advertisers, you only get one chance to make your first impressions with your audience, make it right.


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