Affle is ready to join ChinaJoy for a ride they both will enjoy. We are excited about the event and intend to keep the similar zeal throughout the event. Events set up a path for networking, we offer to give you a ride to your desired destination i.e. desired business. Affle has a history of providing what’s promised and desired (duh, obviously!). What we require, a meeting with you and rest, well let the discussion take its own shape.

What Affle has in pocket to offer companies at ChinaJoy?

  • We have an Attribution based Advertising platform using which you can promote your games. We are currently promoting games like Storm of Heroes, Game of War, Clash of Kings, War Zone Invasion, Taichi Panda, Dynasty Warlords, Hero Craft Z, Turrent Legend, Heros Charger, Dragon Striker, etc. and helping them reach millions of new quality users every month.
  • In addition to this we have helped top brands like Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Supercell, etc. in increasing their Asian market user base significantly.
  • We have successfully delivered 1400+ Apps for clients across 50+ countries in domains like healthcare, e-commerce, social network, entertainment, telecom, media etc. We offer you an end to end platform to build, optimize and monetize at your convenience and our efficiencies.

All it takes is for us to meet. And what you need to do to meet us is fill up this form: https://goo.gl/KyPzrD




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