ChinaJoy, the general facts!
China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, ChinaJoy has been crawling its way through the heart of gamers and various companies for the last 10 years being the largest digital gaming expo.



Talking about the general information, ever since 2011, the event has stuck up to its one and only venue “Shanghai New International Expo Center”. The show is run by Shawn Luan, Vice general manager, Howell International Trade Fair i.e. the organisers and has been a gigantic success over the last few years due to his commitment towards the his work. This event not only serve tech freaks, foreign investors but is also famous for its booth babes spread across the entire event in the gap of 2-5 metres adding giantly towards entertainment of the attendees.  The event follows sessions like China Game Business Conference (CGBC), China Game Developers Conference (CGDC), China Game Outsourcing Conference (CGOC), Chinajoy Cosplay Carnival, E-sport Competition, Miss Chinajoy Beauty Pageant etc. During the past few years we have all seen the rise of smartphones and how one’s life depends on it these days but what we miss to capture is how simultaneously the digital online mobile gaming has risen.


The history that created magnificent future..


ChinaJoy is officially Asia’s biggest gaming event gathering more than 250k attendees spread in about 100,000-square meters of area of exhibition in about 10 huge halls. Every year the number of attendees increase with a bracket of 20k-30k along with succeeding revenues earned every year. From geographical gathering of 75,000 square meters in 2013 followed by 92,000 or 93,000 square meters in 2014, this year our expectations have only gotten bigger and broader.


The agenda, exhibitors and sponsors..


The agenda of this year is no different than anything planned before but still needs execution around the world. The event serves as a double edged sword where on one hand it serves as a platform for 3000+ games, promotes domestic game supervision, regulation of electronic market but on the other edge it spares no discretion to piracy and is strictly fighting against it. Each year countries like China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, USA, Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Germany, India, Canada, England, France, Malaysia, Colombia, Indonesia, Iran, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Nepal, Syria, Hungary, New Zealand, Romania, Brazil, Spain, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Belgium etc. participate in the event. Where exhibitors like Add2games, Mobusi, Facebook, Affle, Netease Games etc. contribute to the amazing expo and sponsors like Longtu Game, Eyugame, Huandong Technology (Beijing) Co.Ltd., Perfecto Mobile etc. brand their names into the competitive markets. This year, Speakers like Chen Mo (Mokylin), Robert Hong Xiao (Perfecto Mobile) etc. will be seen expressing their opinions on various digital gaming issues.


Affle at ChinaJoy


Affle will be joining ChinaJoy this year with tremendous feeling of overwhelm to contribute to the mobile gaming industry. We have an Attribution based Advertising platform using which you can promote your games. We are currently promoting games like Storm of Heroes, Game of War, clash of kings, War Zone Invasion, Taichi Panda, Dynasty Warlords, Hero Craft Z, Turrent Legend, Heros Charger, Dragon Striker, etc. and helping them reach millions of new quality users every month. Also, we have developed games like  Choc Busters, Bubble Football League, Rattle Battle, Lets Puzzle etc. In addition to this we have helped top brands like Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Supercell, etc. in increasing their Asian market user base significantly. This year, we are exhibiting at booth # B207,W5. However, the enthusiasm has been and will continue to rage till the event arrives and we look forward to meeting you at the event to share the feeling and create new connections.


We believe and follow, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.









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