Customer Loyalty

With increasing competition and shrinking consumer’s share of mind, most industries are facing challenge in maintaining consumer loyalty. Industries from travel to mobile application all feel the need to re-engage and connect with end consumer, creating a loyal following. Through this article, we wish to capture importance of mobile marketing as a medium to provide consumer retention.

Customer Loyalty

Understanding Loyalty

Key to successful loyalty is unmatched experience of product. Given that product performs upto expectation, following parameter strengthens the chances of converting user to a loyal user.

  • Recognition of consumer
    • Personalization
    • Perceived preference shown to user
  • Rewards to consumers

Mobile as a communication channel, has inherent advantages in providing the above mentioned customizations. Method of interactions on mobile has multiple flavours. Following are few known methods of mobile engagement.

  • Social media ads – Twitter, Facebook
  • Rich media banners
  • Banner ads
  • SMS
  • App notifications

Recognition of consumers

Personalization of communication may be extended to

  • Adding user name on communication,
  • Customized message for user’s location
  • Customization based on user’s interests or usage patterns
  • Re-targeting users who had previous interactions
  • Communication based on user’s last access with brand

With available engagement channels limited attempts have been made to provide customized communication. Social media ads are closest in providing customized targeting, though communication is still indifferent to user’s preference. Also, scope of user preference is limited to particular social channel only. User behaviour knowledge outside social channel is not available.

SMS and app notification remain the only available method that allows advertisers to send customized communication but lack user profiling.

Mobile ad networks/agencies on other hand have access to user demographics from social media channels and behaviour and app usage patterns from various tools and publishers aswell. Future shall look at them to provide 360 degree view of mobile user profile so as to provide customized communication. Innovations in ad serving shall also be needed to allow real time customization of creative.


Reward distribution on mobile channel is upcoming concept. Many mobile applications provide talk time or virtual merchandize to keep the users engaged. Innovations are required to map rewards to loyalty based on user preference.

Frequent communication has become mandatory for brands to remain in consumer’s conscience mind. With content, new context is required to be relevant in user’s mind. A relevant context shall surely provide higher user engagement and interest. Mobile as a medium is perfectly aligned to deliver the same.

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