Come August and you’ll see all the top electronics brands gear up with the best festive marketing campaigns to push their products and offers in the market. In fact from a sales perspective, the span of August – December is quite crucial for such brands.

Every year, consumers eagerly look forward to the festive offers for buying their favourite gadgets. Whether it’s about pampering themselves or for gifting their near and dear ones, people have a strong preference for electronics. Deals from the Electronics & Gadgets category are usually the highlight of the season and with the availability of quick delivery services offered by global e-commerce marketplaces for such products, one can think of a hundred reasons to buy electronics!

Hot product launches this season

To usher in the festive spirit, brands like Apple, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung have already started launching their latest star products in the market.

In August, we saw smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Lenovo K5 Note, Xiaomi Redmi 3S, Sony Xperia XA Ultra, hitting the market stores. And just last month, Apple launched the iPhone 7 and a few days ago, it also slashed down the prices of iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus to win over the buyers.

Cameras happen to be another exciting segment under ‘Electronics & Gadgets’ and leading brands like Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sony, are all set to promote their latest launched products. While Canon just launched its EOS M5 Digital Camera and its first EF-M High Power Zoom Lens, Nikon has announced the D3400  in the entry-level DSLR space. Another interesting camera that was launched recently is the Fujifilm X- T2 Mirrorless Camera with 24-Megapixel Sensor and 4K Video.

Other than smartphones and cameras, brands like Samsung, LG, Philips, are also offering new models under the Television category. The South Korean electronics giant, Samsung recently launched 44 new TV models in India and also took the veil off its latest display technology – the all new “Quantum Dot”.

Who will nail the magical Marketing Formula?

Be it Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Philips, LG, or Canon, everyone’s looking at their branding and marketing initiatives in a big way. They’re leaving no stones unturned to get their marketing formula right for this year’s festive season.

In a bid to cash in on the festive sales and hit the spot with consumers, top consumer electronic brands always pump in a lot of money into their advertising campaigns. As far as expectations go, popular electronic brands like LG, Panasonic, Samsung look at achieving up to 30% growth in sales during the festive season.

In fact, Sony India has already set aside a marketing budget of Rs. 150 crores and aspires to achieve a 25% growth in its audio and video segments.

Smartphone market players & the Indian festive season

Smartphones are always hot property during the festive season. Thanks to the wide availability of different types of smartphones with competitive features, affordable prices, and most importantly, the best of offers, these gadgets usually take the cake away in the Electronics & Gadgets segment.

In the recent years, the Indian market has become quite interesting for the smartphone makers across the world.  According to a research by Counterpoint, India has become the second largest country in terms of smartphone users and grew by 23% in the first quarter of 2016.


No wonder global brands are taking a huge interest in the Indian market and they’re quite aware of the massive appeal of festivals like Dusshera and Diwali in the country.  

While market leaders like Apple and Samsung are likely to spend more than Rs. 100 crores each during this festive season, Indian OEM brands like Micromax, Intex, Karbonn and Lava are planning to invest around Rs. 45 crores each during the festive season.

But when you’re talking electronics, how can you forget the rising army of Chinese brands that’s making a big time impact on the Asian markets?

Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Gionee are pursuing a very aggressive marketing strategy to capture the market during this season. In terms of ad spends, Oppo and Vivo have doubled their last year’s marketing budget as they’re likely to invest Rs. 80-100 crores each during this festive season.

Xiaomi has plans of launching more models and bringing new product categories to India.

According to Counterpoint Research, Chinese brands are estimated to increase their market share to 33% by December 2016. In order to meet that target, capturing the sales potential of the festive season is going to be very important. So, all attempts are being made to make this a Chinese Diwali.

But what makes this festive season even more exciting?

The New Zealand & England homes series against India! Sports events like Cricket are known to have a big pull in stirring up the demand for TV sets.


It’s time for electronics brands to create some exciting advertising campaigns if they want to woo their audiences on mobile!

While you’re in between your brainstorming sessions for that amazing creative concept, we thought of doing a quick run on the magic ingredients of a compelling festive brand campaign.

Here’s our list of step by step recommendations for electronics brand advertising campaigns.

(A) Concept & Brand message

Depending on the choice of products and offers you want to push, it’s important to decide the concept of your brand campaign. Make sure to choose an idea that brings out all the elements (be it features or festive offers) of your product.

Say you’re promoting a new series of cameras or smartphones. In this case, your advertisement should be such that it highlights all the essential features of your product in a single glimpse.

For example, take a look at our ad concept for Bose Speakers. Here, we used a rich media ad to ensure that our ad highlights the difference in sound quality between Bose and ordinary speakers. One click on this ad and the user would definitely be impressed!

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

To get the best results, make sure you’re using the correct ad copy and creatives with the appropriate CTA buttons.

(B) Ad formats to experiment with

When there are thousands of ad formats to pick from, how do you decide the best fit for your electronics brand?

To save you from that hassle, we’ve handpicked the best ad formats that will definitely create a festive buzz for electronics brands.

1) Augmented Reality-enabled Ads

Want to create a real-time advertising experience for your target audience? Augmented Reality Ads will help you accomplish that. These ads bring in the delicate aspects of touch, movement, sound and sight into mobile ads, which makes it a perfect choice for electronics products.

Unlike typical banner ads, AR-enabled ads drives greater user engagement as they beautifully highlight the product features and give users a real feel of the product.

Take a look at our Augmented Reality-enabled ‘Showroom on your wrist’ ad for Fitbit.

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

2) API Integrated Ads

Another great ad format for your electronics brand would be API Integrated Ads.

Take a look at our API integrated ad for Micromax that was created to celebrate the World Music Day. Here, we had incorporated Gaana’s API in a Micromax YU branded creative. This enabled users to stream their favourite song on the banner itself and also showcased YU’s flagship phone Yunicorn.

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

3) Animation Ads

If you’re looking for high visual appeal with the ability to narrate complex stories, look no further. animation ads are your go-to creative solution this festive season. Whether you leverage GIF banners for effective storytelling through a series of slides or Animated Ad Format,which renders a more video-like experience and increases user engagement, Animation Ads are hot this season.

In terms of user engagement, animated ads are 4.5 times more effective than static banners. These ads help in keeping your target audience engaged for longer periods of time with an excellent click through and conversion rates.

There are many choices for animated banners, such as full screen animation in interstitials or expandables,  animated adhesion banners, animated game play, and other forms of custom animation.  But you should be wise enough to pick the right one for your brand campaign.

Here are some options for animation ads that yield successful campaigns.

(a) Interactive rich media banner – You can use this ad format to highlight the features of your product. If you’re running a campaign where you would like the ad viewers to stay within the ad rather than diverting them to other landing pages through clicks, these ads would work best for you.

Take a look at the Cube ad format we used for Micromax

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

(b) Simple rich media animation banner – Looking for a good option for highlighting the festive offers of your electronics brand? Then, you can definitely try out this format.

Take a look at the ad we created for Canon to highlight its offers.

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

If your product is a smartphone, you can check out this ad we created for Oppo to highlight the selfie feature in a rich media creative

Oppo Ad

(For best experience, try the above link on a smartphone)

So, if you want to clearly communicate the complex features of your electronics product, make sure to focus on animated ads during this festive season.

Use these ad formats to create amazing mobile advertising campaigns for your electronics brand. But make sure that you target the relevant audiences, such that you score a great user engagement rate for your campaigns.

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This Festive Season Charm Your Audiences, Shine On!

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