The world of mobile advertising has always been everything but static. As old ideas walk out of the play, something new and interesting always steps in. And what a better time to experience this than the festive season?

Festive season is like a big bonanza for FMCG brands. Whether, it’s Pepsi, Cadbury, Dulux, Titan, L’oreal, Lakme, Godrej, Marico, or Britannia for that matter, it’s their peak time for business. In terms of revenue, the volume of festive sales are known to matter a lot for brands like Cadbury, Nestle, Dabur, Amul, PepsiCo, etc.. So much that it directly reflects on their annual revenue figures.

In case of India, the festive season of October to December (that includes Diwali, Eid, Onam, Christmas, etc.) is usually the largest consumer spending period and accounts for 30% – 40% of sales for several factors.


Agency: Mindshare  Source

People like to spend on buying home decoration products, gifts, food items and they’re constantly on the lookout for good offers. So, this season is like a golden opportunity for FMCG brands to win over the audiences and capture the market.

The giant e-commerce marketplace, Amazon (primarily selling FMCG products) reports that its sellers observed a three-to-five-fold increase in sales during the festival season in 2015, especially in the fourth quarter.

And now, with the festive season knocking on our doors, 2016 is all set to be yet another spectacular year for FMCG brands and consumers.

But if you’re a FMCG brand marketer, the question for you is – How are you going to seize this opportunity?

With the prevalent resentment towards seeing the same old clichéd mobile ads and meeting the challenges of engaging an audience group, whose attention span is less than 8 seconds, this festive season calls for a 180 degree spin in the brand marketing strategy.

It’s simple – the average smartphone users are intelligent and they will only click on your ad if it’s impressive and appeals to their interests.

The stakes are high. So, brand marketers need to really up their game if they want to impress their audience!


During this season, brand marketers are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to create a disruption in the consumer market. Everyone wants to make a kickass brand campaign and engage their users to a new level. Basically, every brand wants to nail that formula for ‘Top of the mind brand recall’.

So, what’s your game plan?

Maybe you’ll say that you’ve been widely using attractive display banner ads and rich media ads. That might seem to be working fine for you. In fact, most brand marketers are extensively using such ads to make their case. So, you can very well imagine the competition.

With millions of ads about products and offers floating around the festive season, how do you give your advertisements that competitive edge?

Plug in the concept of gamification.

Yes, we’re talking about going with amazing gamified ads.

If you’re an FMCG brand marketer who’s interested in enhancing your brand’s presence on mobile during this festive season, we highly recommend gamified ads.

But don’t just go by our word, look at what the latest market studies are saying.

Untitled-siri_data Gamified ads delivered a CTR of 28.8% as compared to 3.9% CTR through Standard ads

By creating a rich gamified ad experience for your target audiences, you will definitely strike the right chords and achieve greater user engagement for your brand. Surely enough to leave a lasting impression on their minds.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to focus on the following points.

1) Concept & Storytelling

Before you even begin with your brand campaign, put everything else aside and read this carefully. A good campaign is one which tells a story or at least tries to inspire one out of its audiences. The story is undoubtedly the soul of a campaign. So, during this festive season, you need to make sure that you pick the right story for your target audiences.

If you look at the examples of some very successful past Diwali brand campaigns, you’ll see how they thrived on the foundation of having a good story to narrate.

Let’s look at some popular FMCG Diwali brand campaigns that managed to evoke beautiful emotions out of the audiences with their storytelling.

 Asian Paints adopted the festivities theme with their ‘Khushi Ke Rang’ campaign that captured the mood of Diwali & Christmas pretty well. With its ‘Har Ghar Kucch Kehta Hai’ campaign (Agency: Ogilvy & Mather), the premium paints brand again took its branding to another level.


The Cola rivals – Coca Cola & PepsiCo have also pulled up some amazing brand campaigns that were aimed to stir up their brand presence during festivities.

cokeWhile the Red army’s ‘Khushiyaan Baantne Se Hi Badhti Hain’ campaign (Agency: McCann Erickson) went with a social-centric theme of togetherness and inclusivity, the Blue army harped on the nostalgic chords of home memories with the ‘Pepsi & Kurkure’sGhar Wali Diwali’ campaign (conceptualized by JWT India)

And if you look at the international scene, you’ll definitely remember-

 Carlsberg’s famous Slimmest Beer Christmas Tree!


Agency: M&C Saatchi Stockholm  Source

Honda’s ‘Happy Honda Days’ campaign.


Agency: RPA Source

Ferrero Rocher leveraged social media & launched a special Facebook app around the theme of Christmas.


Agency: Y&R Source

Needless to say, a good story or concept works wonders for brands. They help in building a bridge between the brand and its audience by sharing a story that they can relate to; be it reminding them of childhood or a loved one, good stories always do the magic.

2) What’s your pitch?

Now that you have a story, we come to the part of bringing it alive. This is the make or break part of your ad campaign and unfortunately, most campaigns go awry here. So pay attention as you read on.

Festive season is the time when most brands prefer to push their new products in the market and like to couple it up with attractive offers. So, it’s very important for a brand marketer to choose the right ad copy and attractive creatives for promoting their products or offers.

Remember to go through this checklist – #UnsaidRules

  • Pick a catchy tagline that translates your brand’s message in 3-4 words
  • Make sure your ad copy highlights your offer well
  • Depending on your audience set, make sure you’re using the relevant language
  • Say ‘Yes’ to bright and cheerful creatives
  • Don’t forget to include the CTA button.

3) Go with the right Ad format

Choosing the perfect ad format is the tricky part. So let’s make this easy for you.

Here are some highly recommended ad formats you can go with.

(a) Thematic Game Ads: One of the best ways to make a mark during this festive season is to just create an amazing game around your brand. You can create a thematic game that incorporates the elements of your brand or the product you’re planning to promote around that. It could either be a car race game, an adventure game or a treasure hunt game, that can be created around the kind of audience you’re planning to target.

With a high level of social media integration, the users who play the game can also be given the option to share their scores on their social media pages, be it Facebook or Twitter. This is a great way to go with user-generated content and make your brand campaign go viral on all popular social media portals.

 Here’s what we did for the Parachute Campaign.

 (b) Capture Ad format – This is another popular format to experiment with. You can run an exciting brand campaign where you allow users to click a selfie, which can be shared on their social media pages. Make sure to allow for advanced options like ‘tagging friends’ that will help you further spread the word about your brand campaign and products.

To get a quick glimpse about what we’re talking about, take a look at our Madfie Friendship day campaign for Cadbury.

(c) Click-to-expand ads – If you’re interested in running a catchy interactive ad about some offers or discounts, then this is your go-to ad format. Particularly apt for those ads that call for user action in order to  avail offers by ‘scratching off a hidden code’.

For example, you can pick a Splash Ad for your brand. If you’re a soft drink brand like PepsiCo or Coca Cola, you can create a fun ad that starts playing once your users click on the bottle cap.

Once the user clicks on the cap, the drink would splash out of the bottle while displaying a message or offer code. Then, the users could use this code to avail the offer and also share it on their social media pages, as preferred.

 Ummmm…need ideas about how to go about this?

Take a look at what our creative geniuses did for Mountain Dew!


(d) Animation & Hotspot Ad Format

Another great way to make your advertisement interactive is using this format. To get a hands-on approach, we couldn’t think of a better example than our brand campaign for Nestle Alpino. Using this ad format, we created a fun ad for the viewers, who could click on a bonbon to reveal a secret message intended for them.

To encourage greater participation, we also incorporated the ‘Facebook Share’ button so that the viewers can share it with their Facebook friends.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Nestle Alpino Campaign.

(e) Parallax Gallery Ads 

In case you want to showcase your product features, the Parallax Gallery Ad format is something you can definitely opt for. In this ad format, the background and foreground elements of the page move at different speeds and render an amazing ad experience for the viewers. Nowadays, it is quite a sought after ad format for brands as it offers the scope of presenting a wide array of elements minus the complexities.

This format also supports hotspots on each page of the gallery that highlight information about a particular product.

To have a better idea about the Parallax Gallery Ad format, look at our Nestle Ad that features all the different coffee flavours offered by the brand.

4) Target the relevant audience.

After you’re done creating your ad, make sure you target your campaign really well. So first of all, it’s important to define the audience set you’re targeting. Make sure that you’re realistically picking the age-group, gender, OS, device and other such targeting parameters.

What really matters here is that you choose the right kind of premium publishers that can help you get quality traffic, effectively spread your brand’s message and ensure the success of your campaign.

Ideally, we recommend that you run your festive campaigns for at least a month to engage with your target audience and get the best results. So, make sure that you incorporate all these ideas while forming your brand campaign and cash in on the festive season!

Liked reading this? Got more ideas?

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This Festive Season Charm Your Audiences, Shine On!

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