Google is always up to something new!

This time, we are talking about the all new App Streaming feature on Google Search.

To set up a new momentum in the dynamic world of mobile technology, Google announced its move to introduce an ‘app-first’ approach in terms of displaying content on Google Search. Now, Google Search will display app content and also allow users to stream apps without actually installing them on their phones.

Exciting, isn’t it?

So, we at Affle did a little digging on the overall implications of this move for the players in the mobile app industry.

Affle is happy to officially introduce ‘AffInsight’, an all new series that brings together our perspective on news that will have an impact on the mobile industry.

This copy of AffInsight covers:

  • How is App Streaming going to work?
  • Is it a clear win-win situation for App Developers?  
  • How will this affect the Advertisers & Publishers?
  • Will the shift to app streaming affect in-app advertising?
  • Take a look at Google’s position 

Download your own free copy of AffInsight today!


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