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For those of our readers who’ve never worked in the Mobile Advertising sector, here’s a fun little experiment. Walk up to someone and tell them you work at a company that makes mobile ads. The following are some of the responses (Minus the expletives) you can hope to hear:

  1. “So you make those annoying ‘Download Me Now’ things at the bottom of mobile sites?”
  2. “How can I get rid of those? I don’t want to see them anymore”
  3. “Oh, I haven’t really seen any. I guess I just ignore them”

How did we get here? For the future of advertising, mobile advertising sure isn’t very well liked. Where did we go wrong?

At Affle, we tried to dig deeper right through to the core of the problem and understand why Mobile Ads are so easy, and extremely tempting, to ignore.

When users see a banner on a mobile destination, they tend to drop out because of the following reasons:

  1. The ad is not visually engaging enough
  2. The visually engaging ads have no good content
  3. The visually engaging ads with great content struggle to build relevance with the user

Only after a user has worked through these three major hurdles do they have any inclination to engage with the ad.

But the last thing we want to do is make users WORK for our ads.

How we fixed the problem:

What if users could browse products, view highly engaging animations and interact with a contracted banner in a myriad of ways without ever having to click through to an external web page or opening up an expanded ad unit?

Affle’s banner allow users to do exactly that. Using our state-of-the-art ads platform and deep consumer insight, we’ve developed tools that allow advertisers to reach out to users in the most relevant ways possible and engage them within a space limited to 320 by 50 pixels.

Now, users can do everything they could do on a landing page or an expanded ad unit without ever having to access either of those. Advertisers can include mini galleries, multiple choice questions, exciting animations and so much more in a simple banner unit.

But how does this help you, the advertisers?

Like all things, the beauty of this concept lies in its application.

Suddenly, e-commerce stores can display multiple product lines within a tiny banner unit and guide users to the relevant sections on their page from the banner itself.

Brands can conduct surveys via mobile ads without users having to go to a landing page or open up an expandable rich media engagement.

Products can be showcased with slick animations and engaging visuals far beyond the capability of a regular JPEG or GIF image banner.

Brands can exist beyond an image on a website and, instead, become an interactive, living element that excites, stimulates and engages the user.

The best part about all of this is that it’s only the beginning. We’re constantly working to create a diverse range of use cases for this (pardon the immodesty) revolutionary idea. Through this innovation, we hope to create advertising that can’t be ignored and, perhaps more importantly, makes users feel good about engaging with. When the users feel they’ve been rewarded with relevant, simple and exciting information, mobile advertising will never be “those Bombshell Babes banners” ever again.

We’re starting the change, and we invite you to be a part of it.

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  1. Great to hear that you folks are doing some cool stuff. Great article. You made my Monday 🙂

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