2020 has been a year that brought with it significant transformations globally. This year marked the beginning of the new decade, and it was also a time for us to lay strong foundations to Affle2.0 Growth Strategy – which meant raising the bar for collaborations, fun, health & fitness, business partnerships, tech-excellence, industry recognitions and more!

Throughout the year, we focused and emerged as a group that despite working remotely and ensuring everyone’s safety, also came together to win the ups and downs with a spirited performance. And while there were lemons, we totally believed in making more than just lemonades!


Built to last 

Although the pandemic made its dramatic appearance across the world, we transitioned quickly to working remotely and grew stronger as a team and business. Our SEA offices started transitioning to work from home in early-February 2020, and all global offices started transitioning to work from home in mid-February 2020. We continued collaboration and brainstorming over audio and video calls both within and outside the team. With customer interactions happening on video calls, we reached new advertisers, widening our reach even in locations where we did not have an on-ground presence. We built Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to overcome any unfortunate event in the face of the pandemic, while our Business Continuity Plan ensured the continued effectiveness of our systems and people globally. Affle continued to play on its strengths to not only be resilient but staying ahead and preparing for growth in the New Normal.

“Built to Last!” – This is what best describes the fundamental DNA of our Company.


Winning with a spirited performance

With offices and global travel shut, our colleagues ensured that they stayed close – albeit virtually! Whether it was virtual webinars for continued learning and development or the Mindful Fitness program to instill holistic health and happiness, we made sure 2020 counts for good reasons! We augmented our Affle2.0 Culture with the launch of AFL – Affle Fun League where all Afflers come together to Commit, Collaborate, Compete and Celebrate their talents and skills beyond the regular work, conference calls and webinars.

The result? We discovered some serious hidden talent! Take a look!


Raising the performance bar

In the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown situations, Affle’s disciplined approach resulted in strengthening the strategic foundation, entrepreneurial culture, and overall competitive advantage leading to sustainable growth momentum. Our Top-10 industry verticals in Categories E I F I G I H delivered consistent positive growth contributing over 90% in H1 FY2021. It was another year of profitable and exciting growth with Affle performing well across all the business and financial metrics.

This pandemic has brought about a generational change in the way people connect online, a volume burst in the usage of connected screens and an enhanced adoption curve of consumers becoming online shoppers. This creates tremendous growth opportunities for Affle as the global narrative of both B2C companies and the consumers shifting from ‘Mobile is Important’ to now ‘Default is Mobile’.


Affle 2.0: Guiding our path forward

Affle 2.0 growth strategy is now guiding our culture, strategy, and growth journey for the decade ahead. With a series of successful tech acquisitions (more can be found here), we established a successful track record of integrating technology platforms and teams both organically and inorganically to unlock innovative vernacular consumer experiences and data insights with verticalization across key customer segments. Affle2.0 is anchored on 2Vs – Verticalization and Vernacular. Our Vernacular focus enables hyper-personalized consumer recommendations and our Verticalization focus enables deeper insights across customer segments leading to greater ROI impact. This would power our continued market leadership in India and other emerging markets across the “Mobile-First Connected Ecosystem.” 

Our platforms also received accreditation under the Accreditation@SG Digital (Accreditation@SGD) program for the 3rd consecutive time by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA). This was a result of stringent evaluation on various aspects of the company, fortifying Affle’s credentials of following the highest standards in product development, business practices, data security, sustainability, and scalability.


Industry Recognitions and creation of landmark milestones

2020 was also a year for industry recognitions & creating landmark milestones. We received 44 awards across significant categories at various industry award shows. Affle emerged as the Enabling Technology Company of the Year at MMA Smarties 2020, 2nd time in a row. Apart from the awards, Affle’s platforms also got recognized in the Appsflyer Performance Index. Affle’s RevX Platform was recognized as the #1 independent platform for Remarketing in APAC (non-gaming) with an overall category rank of #4 after Facebook and Google platforms. Affle’s app discovery platform – Appnext was recognized as the leading independent app recommendation platform in India, ranked among the top 10 in India & South East Asia, and #14 globally for all apps categories on Android.

While 2020 would certainly go down in the books as the most unexpected year, it was also a year marked with reflection and resilience. We applauded the efforts of the frontline workers, got amazed at the speed of scientific innovation to bring us vaccines, and slowed down to enjoy some time with our families and appreciate the little things! For Team Affle, 2020 was marked with fun, joy and collaboration, where each one of us came together to raise the bar to sail through a challenging time.

Team Affle wishes all our readers, clients, partners, industry friends, and colleagues a very Happy New Year 2021!

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