Affle is looking at China in a big way! With our experience of building and delivering more than 1400+ Apps, we understand the mobile app business. After putting up years of research, Affle has successfully addressed the rising needs of the mobile ecosystem by investing in innovative technologies to facilitate large scale optimization. MAAS Xtend is an outcome of such endeavours.

MAAS Xtend, which is an extension of Affle’s Mobile Audience as a Service (MAAS) platform, offers advertisers with complete automation and optimization controls to maximize ROI on their mobile spends. With several top programmatic and direct supply sources already integrated, MAAS Xtend offers advertisers a simple 4-step process to configure and manage their campaigns. This enables Campaign Managers to quickly set up and manage global campaigns with precise targeting & defined KPI metrics on this platform.

By integrating with all major supply sources, campaigns on MAAS Xtend could potentially be targeted to a majority of 2.6 Billion global smartphone users, which would include over 800 Million smartphone users in Affle’s strongest markets – China, India & Indonesia.

Khanna quote

We were very happy to launch MAAS Xtend at one of the largest gaming events in China and expect MAAS Xtend to achieve massive adoption amongst App marketers in China and across the world.

Here’s a glimpse of Affle’s CEO & Chairman, Anuj Khanna Sohum, speaking about MAAS Xtend at the Global Mobile Game Developers Conference (GMGDC) in China.

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