As a member of the twenty-first century class of office goers, sometimes we feel the fading pulse of the adventurous hero we were all meant to be. Perhaps, John Lennon got it right when he sung about the Working Class Hero’. Clad in our fine office suits and ties, we become trapped inside a monotonous system that tells us what to be. As we try to fit into this conventional role of the ‘regular 9 to 5 office guy’, we slowly enter into this shell that begins to limit us. We limit ourselves by giving up the thought of being that wildlife photographer, the late night Jazz singer, or the curious traveller, for that matter. In the course of this involuntary transition, we crave for anything that takes us closer to that once envisaged picture of the hero we were meant to be.

To revive this forgotten dream, Affle conceptualized an inspiring digital media campaign while promoting Microsoft Lumia 640 XL through an event held at DLF Cyber Hub in June, 2015. The core aspect of this digital campaign was to be in complete sync with Microsoft’s vision of pushing a product for the ‘Doers’. In order to achieve that, Affle devised a unique digital marketing idea to demonstrate the uniqueness of Lumia 640 XL. This innovative campaign was driven by the propagation of the fundamental idea that Lumia lets people unleash the dream of doing more with their lives; it offers them a chance to multitask between their favourite activities at any time of the day. With the innovative use of media, Lumia presents people with the tools to get things done on the go and enjoy these services seamlessly.  

Given the intricacy of communicating this vision in the simplest possible way, Affle worked on a fully integrated cross-screen engagement marketing plan. This plan took shape in June, when Affle held an exclusive event at DLF Cyber Hub by setting up a booth with a Microsoft Lumia Replica and a giant digital screen. This screen had images depicting the body of a man and a woman wearing office formals, and mirrors were put in the place of their faces. Now, a user was asked to scan a QR Code using his or her phone, or visit a mobile site mentioned on the phone. Using this site, the user was able to control a camera in the phone and then click a face selfie that was ultimately uploaded onto the giant digital screen. Later the user was directed to a separate landing page on the phone, which consisted of the same image of the body wearing office formals with the user’s face superimposed on it. As the user swiped through the screen, it showed two diverse environments appearing alternately on both the giant screen and the phone screen. With every swipe, the screen kept showing pictures of the user being on the beach or in an office environment as his clothes changed from formals to casual wear.

Finally, the user was shown the message – “Do more than just your 9 to 5. Be inspired, non-stop.” 

The intention of this digital media exercise was to give the user an experience of being different personalities through the use of Microsoft tools and communicating the message that people can do many tasks while balancing their lives through the Lumia 640 XL phone.

This event was a huge success and Affle’s initiative was widely appreciated by the audiences. In terms of the interaction rate, thousands of people visited the booth and the event managed to create a great buzz across all popular networking platforms like Facebook & Instagram, where people shared their experiences about this event.

In terms of running a fully integrated digital marketing campaign with the innovative use of media, Affle’s campaign on Microsoft Lumia 640 XL was an exciting experience. To pull off a campaign of such scale, required a whole new way of planning and execution from Affle, which was delivered by the team.


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