At a time when the entire world is going gaga over Pokémon Go, we can all agree on one point – ‘Augmented reality is here to make the mobile experience way more exciting than ever before.’

So, how can you leave out the innovative world of mobile advertising from it?

As emarketer reports, the mobile augmented reality market for marketing and advertising in APAC is estimated to grow at 135.35% CAGR during 2015-2019. This shows that brands and marketers are looking at Augmented Reality-enabled ads in a big way!

The amalgamation of augmented reality (AR) and mobile advertising is making way for creating more real advertising experiences for users around the world. By bringing in the delicate aspects of touch, movement, sound and sight into mobile ads, AR is creating miracles for advertisers and brands.

Today, brands are diving in to explore the full potential of this fascinating chemistry between mobile advertising and AR. This had led to the creation of new-age mobile ads, which almost personify a brand’s image in front of its target audiences.

Augmented Reality-enabled mobile ads tend to cast a lasting impression on users. Unlike typical banner ads, AR enabled ads have such an appeal that mobile users are often bound to give their undivided attention while viewing them. And why not? With such ads, communication becomes more direct, the products appears more real and the overall advertising experience becomes more user-friendly and personalised.

At Affle, our super innovative brand solutions & creative strategists love experimenting with new ideas and AR-enabled mobile ads have lately become quite the favourite.

With every ad from this genre, our creative geniuses have played around with different concepts and features of augmented reality to deliver extremely engaging mobile ads for the users. Be it a mobile ad that lets users try on a Sunglass on their face or be it about donning Santa’s Christmas hat, we’ve done it all.

To quote a wonderful example in this context, let’s tell you briefly about Affle’s ‘Showroom on your wrist’ mobile ad for Fitbit.

With an objective to drive awareness about the Fitbit bands amongst the target audience, we created an amazing ‘Try-on Ad’ for them.

The idea was to bring alive a virtual showroom experience for the target audience by giving them a real feel of the Fitbit bands (Alta & Blaze range) in their present environment.

Fitbit is a globally successful brand in the fitness industry, which is now becoming quite popular in India as well. But they hadn’t really executed a campaign of such technological scale to promote their product on mobile. So, even though the Indian audiences were familiar with the functionality of the device, what was needed was – an inspiring branding experience that could motivate them to try it out for themselves.

To invoke such kind of a brand experience for users, AR-based mobile advertising was the best solution. For after all, that’s the easiest way to engage the target audiences on-the-go.

Here’s what we did…

To deliver an in-store product trial simulation, we leveraged the capability of AR-enabled ads to access the mobile phone cameras of users and let them try the Fitbit bands on their own wrists. By simply clicking on the ad and manoeuvring their phone camera, users could actually enjoy the full experience of trying on the Fitbit bands without moving an inch from their location.

What’s the best part?

Aimed at maximising outreach, this AR-enabled mobile ad managed to create a revolutionary brand experience for the target audience of Fitbit. With this ‘Try-on Ad’ format, millions of people were able to virtually experience the feeling of wearing a Fitbit band and make up their mind about the product.

Not just that. This also drastically reduced the in-store per-head Customer Trial Cost for FitBit.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Watch the video here  –  


Want us to create an amazing Augmented Reality-enabled mobile ad for your brand?

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