It is no secret that mobile marketing will surpass web in the next 1 year or two. This growth has been rapid during the last decade since the emergence of the smartphones. Stirring this boiling pot of growth is the never-ending tug-of-war between the two juggernauts of the smartphone business – Apple and Samsung. Add to this the huge international growth from Android, Google’s all-powerful OS, and you have an industry that has nowhere to go but up.

While Apple (Whose operating system and sleek, premium hardware has been pushing device sales year on year) has concentrated on maintaining margins over market share, Google seems to have cracked the secret to success in global markets (emerging markets, in particular) where the greatest volume opportunities reside today. This tug-of-war for dominance between these two and their rapid growth has drastically altered the mobile ecosystem, specifically in the mobile app development and ad space.

With the advent of new OS types like IOS & Android, business owners/ developers now have new mediums to reach out to their TG. There are over 1.75 billion* smartphone users and more than 1 million* apps in various categories (commerce, entertainment, games, travel, communication, etc.) currently. According to a recent survey and study by analytics firm Analysys Mason, an average smartphone user uses his/her device for 195 minutes per day but spends only 25% of that time on communications. If we do some quick calculations here, an average user spends around 146 minutes per day surfing through various mobile assets (apps & mobile sites) with an average app retention rate of 20%*. Whether it’s the search for a local drug store or checking for tickets to the upcoming GnR concert, everything takes place on mobile now. These numbers are consistently growing at a pace faster than we can imagine.

This is the point where you shout “Eureka!” as you realize that the mobile space is where the giant opportunity lies. But has this music reached the ears of Advertisers and Developers around the world? The answer, irrevocably, is a resounding YES!

Mobile marketing and advertising technology has experience a sea-change over the last 8 years. New technological advancements are making it easy for advertisers to reach out to the right audience in the right way. They can now track the user’s age, gender, interests, buying behavior, where-about, profession, etc., making sure that their ad spends are optimized properly to get the maximum ROI. They can programmatically buy the ad inventory on various apps and mobile assets on the run time using the various DSP, DMP and RTB platforms around. On top of that, geo-targeting in the mobile ad space has made it easier for business owners to reach out to their TG globally but locally and hence grow.

So where does Affle come into the picture? What do we do to ensure that our advertisers and our publishers are completely content with the ROI they receive? How well, exactly, are we doing in the larger picture?

Well, we’re doing just fantastic, thank you for asking. We’ve managed to create a phenomenal and, more importantly, consistent growth of 100%, year on year. Our idea is simple – Create the right mobile assets, help clients reach out to the right audience and create the right delivery of ads. Our mobile marketing platform utilizes big data intelligence, making marketing more relevant and creating greater ROI for our clients. We push ourselves to maximize monetization for our publishers through intensive targeting and engaging ad experiences.

Through these simple, but effective, approach, Affle has extended its reach to over 150 countries with offices in 10 cities across the globe.

While this increasing ‘reach’ has been extremely beneficial and is one of Affle’s top priorities, it has also presented challenges as Affle must now help advertisers reach the right publishers & hence the right TG, thus matching demand with supply.  Fortunately to date, Affle has successfully kept pace with its own growth, fulfilling all the demands using our cross screen ad network Ripple and DSP ad2campaign. In addition to this, our interactive ad formats & rich media suites have been game changers for our clients, thus increasing their ad engagement rates multiple folds. Such innovations help us achieve more partnerships with new publishers and advertisers globally. And these partnerships in turn ensure we keep up with our growth and we continue to strive to become the #1 mobile development and marketing solution globally.

We welcome you to join us on this journey to the top and we hope we make it a ride to remember. Stay tuned for more updates (and believe us, there WILL be updates) and we will keep you up-to-date with the latest what’s-what in the mobile marketing and development space.

We’re here to help you build, monetize and promote. Welcome to Affle.

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