Paid Media Ad spending was estimated to reach
724.06 Billion in 2017. The catch : Digital ad spending would outdo TV and all other conventional this year according to predictions.  With the rise of  OTT and shortening attention spans, TV is losing its connect with the audience. Add to that the fact that there is no interactive media to engage users with TV advertising, digital is more favourable for instant gratification in terms of conversions. However an interstitial or a banner ad is not the best solution when it comes to leaving a lasting impression on all age groups .  So which media  should you target and which one can you neglect? Even if you device a omni channel marketing strategy, how do you prioritize and synchronize between the new age and conventional media?

The mTraction TVSync enables you to master both, by merging the entertainment value of the TV with the interactive nature of digital media. This guarantees a wholesome strategy to target audience segments across ages.

While the digital media remains the best connecting medium when it comes to millennials, the highest spending demographic is the Gen Xers. Likewise, the biggest decision influencers on FMCG goods are the youngest of the lot- the children. Both of these segments are still dependent on TV as the prime medium for entertainment. Even within these segments the attention span is a problem and to capture them a more interactive option is necessary.

The word that gained popularity  in advertising last year was ‘moments’. Moments were defined as instances of absolute engagement where in you timed your campaigns to create the maximum emotional appeal for your target audience. Paired with conversion media like phones TVs and Live screen can be used to tap this emotional chord on various instances. The mTraction TVSync spans across such use cases:

Comparative Ad Campaigns in Digital:

You surely remember these cheeky ads on hoarding where each brand tries to outdo the other:

Advertising comparative in hoardings.

While comparative ads  may not seem like a possibility in the digital space alone. Imagine triggering this through  two synchronized  media.  Picture this: Two major soft drink brands  and one airs a TV commercial that is on tab through mTraction TVSync, in the next five minutes to target the same advertisement another major soft-drink broadcasts an interactive rich media banner across phones in the same network space. This is how you heat up the new advertising space.

New Age Guerilla Marketing Ad Campaigns:

Syncing live screens and mobiles to launch effective campaigns that connect with the audience in the heat of the moment are the next level guerilla marketing tactics that can be realized with mTraction TVSync. If  the home team scores a winning goal in the football league, the moment of euphoria can be celebrated with a guerilla congratulatory ad banner prompting the audience to meet their life goals with an investment into mutual funds. These tactics can be synced from live TV to mobile campaigns within minutes. Thus creating an instant impact and registering the brand within the user memory forever.

Direct Conversions from TV Ad Campaigns :

While TVs can reach more of TGs with higher purchasing power, how do you ensure that the campaigns result in actual conversions? mTraction TVSync could help you tackle the same problem quite effectively. Imagine seeing a fast food commercial over the television, with oodles of cheese on an irresistible Pizza slice. While the visual might instantly click with the audience  and kick in their stomach juices and taste buds, dialling the number is still quite a task. Using TVSync you can give the audience an easy to interact with banner within the next few minutes. Add to that a discount coupon and this synchronisation is more likely to turn into orders rather than an instruction to dial a toll free number over the television advertisement.

The shared TV screen will get more views but the personally accessible screens will get you orders. Thus leading to better ROIs from not just your digital but television campaigns as well.

mTraction TVSync is thus a powerful tool invented to couple analytics, programmatic TV  and multi screen advertising. Powered with unbeatable data from the digital space and state of the art STB analytics we are all set to launch the first phase in Indonesia. Affle’s mTraction TVSync  has partnered with IPG’s Ansible for a wide coverage across 10 prime HD channels. In the next phase mTraction TVSync will spread to the rest of the SEA region, adding more names to the 75+  prominent brands currently syncing campaigns on the digital media as well as conventional  TV.

For more updates on the same, stay tuned.

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