Ramadan Marketing Top Mobile App Categories in 2020

Friday 24 April 2020 marked the beginning of the auspicious month Ramadan that will last till 23 May. Muslims across the world are celebrating Ramadan by praying and keeping daylong fast for an entire month. For the positive influence of the season among users and change in user behavior, Ramadan has become an interesting period for marketers. A constructive Ramadan marketing plan can help you upscale your user acquisition and conversions.

Ramadan concludes with Eid-al-Fitr, which users like to celebrate with their family. So consumers who live away from their families generally travel to meet them. Along with that, users gift items like cakes, clothing, religious books, dates, and perfumes as a token of the celebration of the end of the holy month (Eid-al-Fitr).

Ramadan 2020: What’s Different This Year

This year, COVID-19 has caused a major change in consumer behavior with social distancing and work-from-home being adopted as the new norms. Various regions have limited travel permits. Even though the spirituality among followers remains unaffected, the market trends are witnessing major changes.

In this blog, we are discussing the key app categories that are gaining the attention of consumers.

1. Gaming

Growth in gaming genre

The above illustration indicates a significant growth among the gaming categories after the impact of the COVID-19. Going further in the Ramadan season, the growth trend in the app is expected to sustain.

Reasons that make this category attractive:

  • As users are unable to travel to work or socialize with friends/relatives, they have more time to engage in activities like mobile gaming.
  • There could be a peak in gaming engagement among the youngsters who will be sleeping late after prayers and they might like to spend this extra time playing games.
  • Casual games with the option to play with multiplayer will enable the user to engage and have fun with their friends and family while playing.
  • Due to the impact of COVID-19, there is a disruption in the transit of gaming consoles across regions. It will mean that the supply of gaming consoles will reduce. So, gamer’s dependency on mobile devices to play games will sustain or increase.

2. Entertainment Streaming/OTT

Between 25 Feb and 30 Mar, Indonesia’s entertainment streaming app category has grown in revenue by 78% and almost doubled in installs.[1] Indonesia is one of the most promising markets for Ramadan and this growth in the segment just before the start of the season gives optimistic signals.

Reasons that make this category attractive:

  • Traditionally, users switch to video platforms during Ramadan for spiritual and religious content. Entertainment and OTT apps that are offering similar content can easily have more users this Ramadan.
  • As all the major sporting events, movie releases, and other entertainment events have been canceled/delayed, users are switching to entertainment streaming apps.
  • Similar to the gaming category, youngsters who will be sleeping late are likely to indulge in religious and entertainment videos.
  • The state of quarantine and social distancing gives consumers will more often rely on their mobile phones for entertainment.

Ramadan 2020 Marketing Guide

3. Grocery and Food Delivery

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, grocery delivery apps in different regions have seen record downloads.[2] This growth trend is like to stay progressive during Ramadan when consumers require groceries for Iftar and Suhoor.

Reasons that make this category attractive:

  • Citing the possible exposure to coronavirus in public places, the consumers are likely to avoid going to local shops for purchase of groceries. It would mean that they will prefer using delivery services.
  • Even with the delivery app, safety will be a crucial concern among users. Brands that are able to address the issue by ensuring the right delivery practices are likely to gain more customers.

4. Ecommerce

Retail sales during Ramadan are generally known for the massive spike. According to Arabian Business, e-commerce sales during Ramadan increases by 43.2% over mobile devices.[3] As users plan their luxury shopping and gifts during this auspicious time, the expectations are even higher this year.

Reasons that make this category attractive:

  • Online shopping is going to gain from the reluctance of users to visit physical stores for their shopping needs. As several regions are practicing social distancing, it will incline the users to make purchases online, and, as an ecommerce app, you can enable customers to make the right choices.
  • Because of the uncertain economic situation in the coming times, users have been following a frugal approach. However, Ramadan’s theme and feeling can entice positivity in the market to boost sales near Eid-al-Fitr and increase sales.
  • With limited travel possibilities during Eid-al-Fitr, many users will like to send gifts to loved ones over the mobile ecommerce app.

5. Social Communication and Communication

Social media helps users to share their Ramadan experience as well as to connect with others to share greetings. During Ramadan, MENA witnesses a rise of 14.8% in the usage of Facebook. More interestingly, this surge is 36.9% at night.[3] The increase in mobile adoption in the region over the years is likely to enable even a stronger year for social media and communication apps.

COVID-19 has also impacted on the growth of this app category as an increasing number of users are relying on virtual communication to stay connected. Various apps in this category have enhanced their offerings, such as the number of users on a call, recording, and other such features, to support users better.

Reasons that make this category attractive:

  • Social media apps can help users to interact with friends, families, and relatives who are unable to meet because of COVID-19, this year.
  • Apps with video calling features among multiple users can help in the emotional need of being with loved ones.
  • Such apps are also gaining popularity in the professional front to fill the communication gap as well since users are unable to go to the workplace because of quarantine.

Final Note: Ramadan Marketing

Ramadan is a lucrative opportunity for marketers to gain more users and conversions using creative and emotional stories related to Ramadan experiences. As there are several uncertainties looming in the market this time, the season calls for more such creativity to make the right use of available opportunities.

To help marketers in driving positive results by re-aligning and adapting to the situation, we have published a guide on ‘Ramadan 2020: Mobile Marketing Guide’. It will help you understand app trends, user behavior, and the right marketing practices across the different app categories. Download this guide with crucial insights to build a marketing plan for this Ramadan season.

Ramadan Marketing 2020 marketing guide

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