The festive period in India is a peak time for many Indian consumers to shop, redecorate their homes, purchase new clothes, and exchange presents. The festive season starts from Navratri and Dussehra, with the peak retail activity being done just a few weeks before Diwali, and goes on till the New Year. The period is marked by heavy retail discounts in both offline and online stores to attract consumers who shop typically for self and for gifting. But this year is different as a pandemic looms over. 

This year, the festive shopping will look a lot different, and would primarily move to online channels. The changing social interaction also means people are spending more time on mobile in various categories of apps.

(Source: Capgemini)

Herein lies an exciting opportunity for mobile marketers to acquire new users and boost revenues. How can advertisers capitalize and take advantage of the peak shopping season? Where are most users coming from? We answer all these questions, and more in our latest report!

To help mobile marketers understand their consumers in the New Normal, we have released a report to identify new trends and mobile advertising opportunities for the festive season 2020. Download the report to learn how consumer behavior is changing and the key trends that will shape this year’s festive shopping, as well as the most relevant advertising lessons for mobile marketers.

Hero image source: Pixabay

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