With a worldwide revenue of $24.9 billion, the mobile game market is bent on crossing new milestones year after year.  In terms of market share, Asia, which is home to 1.2 Billion mobile gamers, dominates the mobile game world.

At present, China, Japan and South Korea, together control 90% of this region’s total mobile earnings.

Closely following the footsteps of these 3 countries, the emerging markets of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore are also grabbing great attention lately.



No wonder, the competition level is extremely high in this market! So, the biggest challenge faced by mobile marketeers while promoting mobile game app campaigns, is to cut through the competitive barriers and reach out to the target audiences successfully.

Here’s where experience takes the driving seat!

With our prolonged expertise in running several successful mobile game app campaigns for global clients, Affle has set a benchmark in meeting client expectations by delivering the best results. Recently, we had worked on a very exciting mobile campaign for Seven Knights, a very popular role-playing game by Netmarble, that brings together the elements of adventure and heroism, through a diverse variety of creatures and fiends. Septeni, famous Japanese digital agency reached out to us for successful distribution of this game globally.


To begin with, we were entrusted with the goal to drive installs with a very high retention rate for Seven Knights. The target audience for this campaign were spread across 4 countries, namely – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand & Singapore.

First things first, it is a nearly impossible task to achieve a high retention rate for mobile games!

Besides the competitive scenario, it is highly challenging to retain a user in a mobile game. Thus, the onus was on us to think out-of-the-box and strategically design a campaign that could catch the attention of the active RPG mobile users in these countries. At the same time, we had to keep our eyes focused on the cost and ensure that the user acquisition cost was low for this campaign.

So here’s what we did!

To match up to the demanding requirements of such a campaign, you have to think smart. So we started out with the basics – ‘Understand your target audience’.

It’s a widely known fact that in-depth studies on user psychology turn out to be really helpful in successful user targeting. Keeping that in mind, we relied heavily on audience intelligence to gather insights on factors like target age-group, analysis of user behaviour, trends that click with gamers, and other such factors.

This helped us answer some very important questions-

  • How young or old are these RPG users?
  • How much time do they spend on game apps?
  • What kind of products do they purchase?
  • How much time do they spend on other related apps for playing, shopping or reading, for that matter?


Interestingly, we noticed some key similarities between the cultural background of users and the in-app features of Seven Knights. We found that the language used in the game and the design details that went into creating the game characters had a close link with the culture of the user’s native region.


         Characters from Seven Knights.

The game characters of Ladenberg were designed to bring out the cultural essence of Asia so that the users could connect with the game. Further, it was observed that the RPG genre is very popular in these countries. In fact, these games are a hit with the youngsters of the 12-35 years age-group.

With the use of all these insights, the campaign was successfully executed through Affle’s MAAS platform by reaching out to the RPG users in the target countries. In fact, the Seven Knights campaign was a clear-cut winner in terms of driving massive number of daily installs  for Android and iOS. On Day 2 of this campaign, we managed to tap the targeted retention rate!

Encouraged by the exceptional performance of this campaign, we are currently running it across other geographies as well.

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Want to know more about our campaigns? Drop me a line at neelanjana@affle.com to explore strategic marketing solutions for your business using Affle’s MAAS platform.

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