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Everything you need to learn about Video Marketing

Videos are prominent tools in mobile app marketing and have also earned the reputation of being one of the simplest and fastest ways for users to evaluate your apps. In the past few years, it has also emerged as one of the best ways of promoting mobile apps. Different companies of all sizes are reaping the benefits of video promotion by working in cohesion across various time zones and geographies. And you can do that too.

Let us take you through how you can fully harness this power of video marketing for your app:

What Are The Things That Determine The Significance Of a Video?

A thoughtfully made and very short video is far better than you writing thousands of words. With visuals, you are appealing to a greater mass, as compared to writing a lengthy text message. A well-crafted video can do wonders and have a  massive impact on the viewers. More than 50% of customers depend mainly on product video, which are known to create greater credibility for your mobile app.

The nature of the video and what it  carries, i.e its content determine your video marketing success. A lot also depends on how and where you are using your  video.

Once people start getting to know about your concept and the utility of  your app, you should expect increase in your app downloads in a matter of hours, if and only if the app offers a compelling value proposition (be in terms of commerce, games, content, etc.). Apart from it offering value to the viewers, the video should have a good pitch with attention grabbing content (visuals & text, if any).

Why Having a Video for Your Mobile App Is Important?

Visuals are obviously one of the most compelling mobile marketing tools because it’s normal for people to relate to them very easily. More than 50% of global mobile app marketing experts  consider video content to offer the highest ROI. According to a research by Marketing Land, colored visuals increase the interest of content consumers by 80%. Although only 10% of the information heard is likely to be retained after 3 days of hearing it , people are likely to retain 65% of the visual content for the same span of time.

Before you proceed, make sure to decide upon – how you want the app video to progress?

  • App availability on device & App stores: It’s important to convey in your video that the app is available on all the app stores and specify the app compatibility with the respective devices/OS. The communication regarding this should be very clear during the video, as well as,  on the last screen/ view of the video.
  • Briefing users on App Navigation: All your app users may not be that familiar with the navigation on your app. You should introduce them to some basic features such as menu items, tips on how to search your app, and how or where to find other basic functions.
  • Highlighting users On Value Added Features: For mobile users who are willing to understand how your app can be of help to them, your video should convey this message. Added special features like sharing of uploaded photos/ videos, personal calender, use of Twitter hashtags etc. are some of the best ways to attract more users.
  • Call to Action and Branding: Irrespective of whosoever is in your target audience, you should make sure that people watching your video should remember your app for at least the next few days or should immediately feel motivated to install it and try it. You should also focus on branding aspects (app icon, tagline, company logo, app name etc.) and place a call to action button at the end of the video. For example, a “Download Now” button should take the user directly to the app-store page, from where it can be downloaded.

Highlights of a Good Promo Video

  • A welcome/introductory message from a friendly face
  • A clear and nice shot of the mobile in use
  • Highlights of some of the significant features for users
  • Few words to let your audience know why the app is so important

Few Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing for Your App Promotion

If your video is working as a solution for your audience in communicating what information they want , then you have definitely hit the right spot. Use the video to generate awareness about your app’s benefits.

Listed below are the five best reasons on why you should promote your app with videos:

Game, social or content app: There are thousands of games, social and content apps bouncing on the internet currently. So you need to make sure that your app promotion is hitting the right spot in the mind of your target audience. For that purpose, a video is always a good content type to go ahead with as using a video you can show your app usage, USP, main features, etc.   

It Will Have a Lasting Impression: With a well-crafted and creative video, you are sure to create a long and lasting impression on the minds of users, irrespective of them identifying your app or not. Creating videos with very short app reviews or trailers will surely catch the attention of people. Audience who view video content are 1.81 times more likely to buy than the non-viewers.

Tapping of Curious Customers: With your well designed videos, you can exhibit all the features of your app and its specialty in a short time. You usually have 2-3 minutes of video time to create excitement in the mind of the viewers as compared to few seconds in the case of usual banners, rich media or gifs.

No Literacy Barrier: Video as a medium for app marketing proves better as it even works with the segment of people from low literacy zone. In the developing & underdeveloped economies, people are consuming content on mobile mainly  in form of video as they can’t read or write, the video ad formats really work better both on the brand awareness and performance ends.

Connecting to The Existing Customer Base: Connecting with existing customers through a video has the potential to boost loyalty and also encourage promotions via social media channels & word of mouth. It gives them a further understanding of the benefits of your app.

It Gives More Quality Downloads: Getting users to download your app is definitely no longer an objective in today’s mobile app world. You have to make sure that more and more quality users are  drawn to your app. These users can be critical as they may want to check what can be done with your app before downloading  it. They will also develop an understanding of its concept and have the basic idea about how it works before hitting any button. Assuming,you have a good demo video, it will give better downloads from various interested users as it serves as an introduction of your product.

Objective & Views Driven Promotion Strategy:  You can have a promotion strategy of your app by means of video as content. The video ads formats (available on all the leading DSPs, ad-networks, ad-exchanges, and also on Affle MAAS), nowadays are high ROI-driving ad types, which can be sold on the basis of the different kinds of KPIs, be it installs or the % of video watched. Also, you should know the significance of YouTube, the world’s 2nd largest search engine,which cannot be overlooked. It boasts of having millions of users who are daily reviewing apps and posting app trailers on YouTube. You can use proper keywords in your video description along with tags, which shall surely increase your app’s visibility on Youtube, as well as, on Google. This comes from the fact that, having a good number of views and getting people engaged in your app video can boost your Google rankings.


Given the way number of apps available on app stores are increasing by the day, it is really important for an app owner or a growth hacker to acknowledge the usage of video marketing. But one should not approach the video creation & marketing process carelessly, or the video could backfire. For more information on the best practices in the video content promotion and other means of mobile marketing, you can contact us at partners@affle.com or hit the contact us button on this page.

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