Job Detail

Lead - Data Science/Machine Learning
Experience: 4-6years Bangalore

Responsibilites & Requirements

  •  Preferred to have PhD or MS in computer science/mathematics/ related fields  (preferably with emphasis in data mining / machine learning / artificial  intelligence / Statistics) 
  •  At least 4-6years experience in machine learning/statistics role.
  •  Good experience implementing data mining and machine learning algorithms  and analyzing large datasets.
  •  Exposure to ML tools like TensorFlow, Keras, SparkML, R.
  •  Solid programming skills with software development experience using Java/  C/C++ on Linux (RE) 
  •  Good knowledge of database systems and working knowledge of MySQL  (RE) Experience with perl / python / shell scripting is desirable.
  •  Experience with Hadoop/ Hive is highly desirable. 
  •  Good publication/patent record (RS) is good to have. 
  •  Structured thinker, effective communicator with excellent analytical skills. 
  •  Any relevant experience in the field of advertising is an added advantage.