Affle For Marketers

Mobile Asset development

  • Native mobile app development with integrated analytics & strong UI/UX focus
  • Robust authoring platform to deliver native, rich media, video & app walls based units to maximise impact
  • Extensive experience of having built & upgraded 1400+ Apps & 5000+ campaigns over platform

Attribution linked audience procurement

  • Integrated Audience procurement over multiple supply sources with unified & re-usable intelligence
  • Own SDK side solution to measure post click efficacy to deliver ROI enhancements
  • End to end platform integrating audience and attribution analytics over Public and Private Data clouds

End-to-end platform with unified supply & intelligence

  • Over 1 Billion users profiled
  • Extensive audience outreach over own marketplace, private exchange and programmatic channels
  • Audience Intelligence derived from unique intent insights from behavioural signals, attribution and commerce data
  • Blended Art & Science approach leveraging Big Data based audience intelligence and ad unit optimisations