Programmatic & Proximity Marketing

Programmatic &
Proximity Marketing

Effectively reach mobile audiences in
real time with Incremental metrics

Proximity & App Marketing with
incremental metrics

Measure the real impact & grow the incremental ROI of mobile advertising campaigns

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Proximity Campaign

Use user’s location to personalize your advertising efforts and measure the impact of your campaigns in driving footfall.

programmatic user acquisition

App Marketing

Measure uplift in your campaigns and let incremental metrics drive your investment for maximum efficiency.

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Switch to mobile where users spend most of their time, in a brand safe way.

Programmatic platform with drive-to-store
capabilities and real-time ROI optimization

mediasmart DSP

Easily run campaigns with mediasmart DSP, designed for mobile that enables advertisers to easily run campaigns driven by incremental metrics.

 user acquisition platforms
mobile user acquisition platforms

Footfall Measurement Solution

Measure footfalls or the amount of visits to a store that can be attributed or directly linked to the impact of a “Drive To Store” campaign.

Incremental Adserver

Identify fraudulent advertising channels, and the incremental value that each of them brings to your campaigns, allowing you to focus on what works for your business overall

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Key Features of the self serve mobile platform

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Incremental Metrics

Automatic measurement & granular reporting on incremental metrics with up to 5 post-click events per campaign

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Advanced Targeting Options

Use multiple mobile attributes to create focused targeting without sacrificing reach.

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Audience Management

Integrate your own audience, 3rd party data or mediasmart audiences to make media buying more effective.

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GDPR Compliant

Get the advantage of data privacy and GDPR compliance

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Transparent & Granular Reporting

Receive notifications, alerts or periodic updates to harness the advantage of insights.

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Immersive Ad Formats

Deliver high engagement by using a wide range of formats; video, audio, native and display across different devices