Affle is an end- to end Mobile Apps & Ads as Service (MAAS) platform for marketers & publishers.

In a growing and increasingly complicated digital marketing eco-system, Affle's unified platform approach to mobile marketing makes it differentiated and very valuable to its partners.

Having started in 2006, Affle has been a pioneer in the field of mobile ad technology and has built significant scale and intelligence backed by its robust profile data and insights about millions of users, which continues to grow larger and richer by the day.

Today, Affle's platform helps meet multiple objectives for leading marketers and publishers

BUILD & ANALYSE : Through our AppStudioz platform we offer marketers & publishers a platform to build mobile assets and analyse consumer behavior

PROMOTE & OPTIMISE : Through our ad2campaign platform we offer marketers and their agencies an audience-centric platform to programmatically procure, measure and optimize mobile media backed by our big data intelligence

MONETISE & TRANSACT : Through our Ripple, cross screen ad platform we offer publishers and developers an easy way to monetize their assets through more targeted advertising and more engaging ad experiences

Our Vision

Our vision is to stay committed to becoming a global powerhouse in creating technologies which improve the consumer experience and engagement on digital media. At the same time we support marketers in improving their outreach to consumers with the use of relevant technologies, engaging experiences and insightful data.

At the core of our vision is the sincerity of intent towards making a meaningful improvement in the lives of all target constituencies involved with it; employees, partners, brand owners and the society at large.