Affle Group is a Smart Media company with strategically aligned businesses to establish its leadership in the digital media eco-system.

Affle started as a mobile media company in 2006. As pioneers in the industry, we were able to drive importance of mobile media in the marketing mix through our exciting mobile products and platforms. Since 2006, we have launched various technology innovations, delivered many successful campaigns, launched hugely popular consumer and business products. We have constantly innovated. 

Today our business covers the entire digital domain across devices and platforms via our group businesses:

Affle - Rich Media Business providing the Ripple rich media and video advertising network for all smart screens and the Digital Advertising Solutions to brands involving Owned, Paid & Earned digital media;

Affle - Media Lab providing R&D, Technology and Product Innovations;

ad2c - JV with D2C Inc, Japan providing full service mobile advertising agency services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to stay committed to becoming a global powerhouse in creating technologies which improve the consumer experience and engagement on digital media. At the same time support brands in improving their outreach to customers with the use of smart media through online and on-mobile solutions.

At the core of our vision is the sincerity of intent towards making a meaningful improvement in the lives of all target constituencies involved with it; employees, partners, brand owners and the society at large.

We value business success with the same sincerity as the value we place of being a socially responsible corporate.