App Discovery at scale through integrated consumer journeys

  • On-device app discovery solutions that blend into the users’ mobile experience enabling a personal, incomparably intuitive experience
  • Personal and contextual app recommendations whereby highly-intent users can discover apps intuitively
  • Out of the Box Experience (OOBE): a seamless onboarding experience that successfully navigates a user’s first experience with their device
  • Appnext ‘Timeline’- Our patented AI technology that displays contextual and personal app recommendations within a myriad of apps
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The Programmatic Platform to Grow Your App Business

  • Full-funnel user acquisition to forecast LTV and in-app event conversions
  • Drive incremental growth with global scale
  • High-impact creatives with proprietary Dynamic Creative Optimization
  • Predictive Machine Learning that optimizes both behavioral and contextual data signals
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Unified Audience Platform for Mobile User Growth

  • Single unified access of channels across directly integrated publishers, programmatic platforms and app recommendations
  • Unify your audiences on a single dashboard for greater transparency
  • Access consolidated supply sources to drive scale and get actionable insights across channels
  • Diversified technology, creative and KPI-based optimization, and precision targeting
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Made for Growth, Built for App Marketers

  • 100% programmatic and fraud-less environment
  • Find the right users where they are based on contextual data
  • Advanced DS models to target LAT inventory efficiently to drive maximum performance
  • Creative sophistication in ad campaigns to bring those users to you.
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