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The Comprehensive Advertising Playbook for Olympics Success

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Digital Transformation

We create innovative, secure, and scalable industry-leading digital solutions for your company

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Digital Consultation

We offer next-gen digital consultation solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes from a range of industry verticals, helping them to grow & thrive

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Application Services

We offer business-critical application services like App Development, Testing, Maintenance & Modernization to meet market challenges

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Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap services enable organizations to harness the power of the cloud, improving IT agility and enhancing sustainability

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SG:D Accredited Service Platform

Enabling enterprises to manage, track and automate manual business processes

  • mTraction Survey platform provides an omnichannel experience at all touchpoints and helps users turn feedback into actionable insights
  • mTraction Event Management System enhances visitors’ Pre, During, and Post-event experiences through the Engage 360 capabilities
  • mTraction Digital Asset Management (DAM) enables enterprises to extract more value from their digital assets with face recognition and sentimental analysis capabilities
  • mTraction AI Conversational Chatbot transforms conversations into conversions across various digital channels fulfilling all conversational automation needs
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Industry-Specific Solutions

We provide customized industry-specific solutions through advanced mobility technology

  • (On-demand Apps) We leverage state-of-the-art technologies for robust & scalable on-demand app development solutions in record time
  • (E-learning App Development) Our e-learning app development services help educational institutes transform & enhance learning practices
  • (Digital Commerce) We create a unified, omnichannel digital commerce strategy that enriches the customer buying journey & boosts app growth for businesses
  • (Insurance Automation) Our Insurance automation solution enables enterprises to leverage emerging technologies to automate insurance manual business processes

Explore Solutions & Other Related Services

Empowering businesses with a range of tailor-made solutions & services that fulfil diverse needs

  • Smart TV App Development - Engaging solutions for brands by creating smart TVs & set-top box apps
  • Web App Development- Tailor-made, end-to-end web app development services for every niche
  • UI/UX Services- Bringing clients’ vision to life with a Lean & Collaborative Design Process
  • QA Services- Well-developed QA processes helping build and launch bug-free mobile applications
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